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Hi! And welcome to And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With BtVS site info.

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Opened: May 2, 1998
HTML Editor: Front Page Express and Notepad on the occasion.
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop v5.5, 6.0, 7.0 and Paint Sho Pro v.4 (I cannot stand v.5, probably because I haven't learned to use it properly) and on occasion; iPhoto Plus v.4.
History: I first learned how to put together a web page by using the original HTML coding language (not this new easy stuff where the editors do everything for you) on the simplest program; Notepad.
Awards & Webrings & Affiliates: I don't do any of them, I'm really sorry but I don't. It clutters up my front page and I just want to keep everything simple and quick loading. As for awards, I honestly don't care what I win.


Webmaster: Chelle (aka Nika)
Sex: Female
Birthdate: January 18, 1983
Residence: Ottawa & Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Web Sites:
- And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With BtVS
- In The Arms Of An Angel (no longer updated)


The first and foremost thanks I want to put out is to Wightknight. You guys all remember Wightknight's Sarah Michelle Gellar Vidcaps right? (You better!) Anyway, he was definitely a helping factor in creating this site. He helped me out a great deal and was very supportive which included HTML help and graphics. It was a long time ago (way back when in April 1998) and I haven't been able to get in touch with him since but thanks so much Wightknight! You've inspired me a great deal!

My second thanks goes out to Niki Bartl who has helped me out tremendously. Though it's mostly been with my Angel site, Niki has always managed to pick up my slack and help me out with episode guides and episode reviews (which can be found on this site as well) as well as send me info. I'm deeply grateful for your help and I owe you big time!

I'd also like to thank AleXander Thompson of the wonderful Buffy Transcripts that he worked so tirelessly on. I'd like to thank him for accepting my work to help him produce the transcripts by letting me write up the choreography of the fight scenes. It was a great experience and it's honestly too bad that those half-wits at FOX had the nerve to pull down the transcripts.


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