(aka my bookmarks)

Buffy Guide . Com - Complete episode guide with every detail analyzed.
Little Willow's Slayground - Frequently updated with everything you could want to know about the Buffy cast.
Much Ado About BtVS - Beautiful large pictures and great graphics.
Buffy Online - Awesome site with amazing galleries and frequently updated.
The Realm of Soft Delusions - Always very pretty in design, up to date, good sections.
Sonja Marie's BtVS Links - The source for Buffy links.
The Buffy Cross & Stake - Great updates with the episode guide and good galleries.
Watchers Web - Loads of info about the show, books, merchandise, episode, everything.
The Shaggy Dog Tales - Lots of fun, visit VR BtVS rooms among many other fun sections.
Ange-of-Earth - Really good picture gallery with hq pictures.
The Cheese Stands Alone - Gorgeous layout, frequently updated and full of good content.
BuffyThankYou.Com - Expresses your thank yous to the cast and crew on their forum. Submit fanart and let everyone know much you appreciate this show over the years.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Official: None yet - Under new management and running smoothly!
SMG -P i - A very well run site with loads of SMG pictures.

James Marsters
JamesMarsters.Com - Great layout, pictures, info and more. - Great layout, tons of info, frequently updated.

Alyson Hannigan
Official: None yet
Alyson Hannigan Corner - Some great pictures from unheard of magazines.
Alyson Fan - Great layout, new pictures and often updated.
Hannigan.COM - Lacking in updates but it is a great resource for Alyson stuff.

Eliza Dusku
Official: None yet
ElizaDushku.Org - Awesome content, tons of info and always updated.
Everlasting Eliza - The brainchild of Little Willow and Raven. The best webmasters in one site, what more could you ask for?

Nicholas Brendon
Nicholas Brendon: The Devotion - Great layout and plenty of updates with pictures, news, etc.
Key Guy - Beautifully designed and full of great content.

Emma Caulfield
Official: None yet
Emma Online - Nicely sorted, simple but good layout.

Amber Benson
Essence of Amber - Excellent source, plenty of pictures, news, fanart, etc.

Michelle Trachtenberg
Official: None yet
Be Back Before Dawn - Excellent sources, tons of info, pictures, fanart, articles, etc.
Michelle Trachtenberg Network - Great source for pictures rarely found of Michelle.