Buffy E-Zines

Want to subscribe to a Buffy e-zine or newsletter? Read through the list and pick one that you like, all details are included in the description. I do not run any of these e-zines.

Yellow Crayons

Yellow Crayons is a newsletter that has graphics, trivia, mild spoilers, surveys, favorites polls, cast appearances, news, quotes, graphics, links to some kick-butt Buffy websites, my weekly rant, a monthly fanfic that I'll select from people that send them in, what if's, shipper hopes and hates, adoptions, Buffy music, and a few other assorted things. We come out twice a month, and are very consistent. Join now by e-mailing Peggy at yellowcrayonslayer@yahoo.com. We hope to hear from you soon!


Sunnydale High

Welcome to Sunnydale High! Where we have bios, new, pics prizes, and contests galore! Weekly members of the month are held andf recieve prizes, be the 100th member and recieve a graphic prize pack! Join the zine here ~~~ Stake me!


Eternal Love

This zine is dedicated to the two people who have graced our life for the past 6 years. Angel and Buffy. The two people whose romance kept us going. This zine is filled with many cool thing so subscribe today! Lylangelqt@aol.com


Cross & Stake

Brief description: A fresh and new Buffy newsletter sent out weekly. Filled with news, spoilers, episode schedules, trivia, polls, quotes, and much much more.
Where subscriptions should be emailed: Buffyjc@aol.com
Important detail: This zine is in no way affiliated with the BuffyTVS website "The Buffy Cross & Stake".


Spike Anonymous

A zine for those who are obsessed with spike, James Marsters or the show in general! This zine if of course free, and come out weekly. It has spoilers, news, pics, and everything to satisfy your obession needs.
Email Address - luvspike4eva@AOL.com


Spiked Punch

Admit it. You are in LOVE with Spike! I know I am. Click here to recieve "Spiked Punch"


Scooby News

Explore the Hellmouth by visiting the Scooby News, a newsletter for 'The Vampire Slayer' guild. We offer you what no other Buffy/Angel newspaper could offer : SlayerSpeak! (great Buffy quotes from the show), Slayer's Journal, Character Bios, How to Be On Buffy (that's right - you could land on a guest star spot!!), Buffy vs Angel, Gallery, Caption Contest, Music, Movie, Game Reviews, plus heaps more!

Link - http://www.geocities.com/scoobynews2001
Contribute to wendyclear_924@yahoo.com



We've got it all ...
Latest news, pictures, episode summaries,
quotes, trivia, polls, and more ...
The difference? ...
We kick ass.
To subscribe e-mail ktyk004@aol.com


The Buffy and Angel Newsletter

This newsletter deals with all of the fan aspects of Buffy and Angel. The news, the episodes, appearances, spoilers, pics, fanfiction, music, fanfiction, and much much more. So if you are remotely interested in Buffy or Angel we are the place for you. The issues are packed with tons of B/A junk. Email: thebuffyandangelnewsletter@yahoo.com to subscribe.


The Buffy/Angel zine 4 fans of the Chosen One

My zine has pictures, Fanfic, OnGoing Role Play, Polls, Opinions, news and much more! E-mail BuffJunkE@aol.com to subscribe.


(news and spoilers)

This newsletter can offer you any kind of information on BTVS & ANGEL, including news about the casts or shows, spoilers to come (that will be marked) or rumors. You can also contribute to this list. ENJOY.


Silver Stake

Suscribe now to our e-zine. Filled with tons of new pictures, news, fun stuff, next episodes, spoilers, quizzes, and links to the best Buffy sites. You can suscribe by e-mailing Jazz3488@aol.com or IM11988@aol.com.


Plenty of Buffy

A new RPG for Buffy and Angel lovers. Subby and I will send a list of open characyers and a form if you want to make some characters up! You can have up to 3 characters, and we can have characters from all 5 season of Buffy. Every day I will send an issue of Plenty of Buffy + Angel RPG and every day we will keep on playing! E-mail Buffygurl11@aol.com to subscribe.


If you have a Buffy E-Zine and want it included on this page simply send me the name of the E-Zine, a brief description, where subscriptions should be mailed to and any importent details. webmaster@rebellious.ca