Fan's Tattoos

Well there are those obsessive fans out there (like me) that tend to go a little overboard and gets tattoos done like those on Buffy, or something done that ressembles an aspect of Buffy. Read on to see who's got what tattoo! In every case, click on the picture of the tattoo to see a larger picture.

If you have a Buffy tattoo or something that relates to Buffy please send me a picture of it and a little description. Send it to:

Chelle's Tattoo This is my tattoo (Chelle) and as you can probably already tell, it's exactly the same as Faith's. I got it done on October 5th (Buffy Season 4 Premiere Day) for $110. I brought in a picture but there was already a flash picture of it on the wall. It's five inches in length and it's located on the small of my back. I got it because I liked tribal designs and because of Faith, because everyone's got a wild side in them.
Fans Buffy Tattoos

These are two tattoos that I found on the net but I don't remember where. The first one (one on the left) is an absolutely gorgeous rendering of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy from the Rolling Stones photo shoot (I believe it's one of the outtakes). Anyway, if anyone knows who's tattoo this is, please let me know! As for the one on the right, it's an add for laser tattoo removal but I thought it was funny because of the names crossed off and the Buffy inscribed across the arm.

Love Buffy
angelsbitch's tattoo This is Angelsbitch's (co-owner of tattoo. It's exactly the same as Angel's tattoo except that this one is done with a little bit of blue to highlight it because almost every tattoo is just solid black and she wanted some color in there. Her husband Zaxx paid for her to have it for her 31st birthday this year (2000), it cost 60.00. It's on her back left shoulder and about 7 inches high. She doesn't care if people think she's nuts because she absolutely loves it and couldn't be without it.
Jesper's Tattoo This is Jesper's tattoo which is found on his back (left shoulder). He had it done this year (2000) and it cost 70 pounds and took four hours to do. He's also planning to have Willow done on the other side.

In the December 11 issue of US WEEKLY, in the "Hot Stuff" section: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is making a mark - literally - on one British fan. Devotee Steve Porter, 32, already has the facesof three cast members - Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz and James Marsters - tattooed on his back and says he intends to get images of the rest of the cast within the next six months. Porter even plans to travel to Los Angeles in hopes that the stars will autograph his back so that a tattoo artist can permanently ink the signatures next to their portraits. (thanks to Raven)

Jamie's Tattoo This is Jamie Vallin's tattoo. She's 21 years old and lives in Mexico. She got the tattoo in December of 1999 and paid $40 for it in San Francisco, California (USA). It's on the inside of her right ankle (the same spot where Sarah's is). She got it done in honor of Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's the same as one of the tattoos in the temporary tattoos section.
Emma's Tattoo This is Emma Flynn's tattoo. It's more related to the Angel Series ( but it's still being posted here. It's the same symbol that Angel had printed on his Angel Investigation business cards. Her is 2 inches high and is found on her left shoulder blade. She paid 20 for it and got the work done in Hampshire in the UK.
Erin's Tattoo This is Erin Brinkley's tattoo and as you can see it's the claddagh ring. She paid $55 for it and it took a little over an hour and half to do. Her and her best friend got identical ones. It's on the small of her back, close to where her bum meets her waist and her back.
Elisabeth's Tattoo This is Elisabeth Snow's tattoo. She saw it on the corner of the 2001 Buffy calender and as well as the Buffy shot glass. She paid $50 and it's located on the outside of her right ankle.
Melony's Tattoo Melony McGinn first saw this picture in a UK Buffy magazine but now she's also seen it on Buffy shot glasses as well as the candies that are now available. She already had the heart done last year and then decided to have the flames added in June 2001. It took about 30 minutes to complete and she paid 25 for the flames. It's located on her lower back towards her right hip and it's 5 cm by 3.5cm.
Craig's Tattoo This is Craig Ervin's tattoo. He got it done on October 4th 2001 after seeing the season opener for Buffy Season 6. It's the Season 5 logo for the series.
Aimee's Tattoo This is Aimee's Buffy Logo tattoo She had it done at the end of season five in June of 2001. It's on her right leg on the outside, right about her ankle. She got the colour because it makes it stand out more.
spence's Tattoo This is spence's Faith tattoo. She got it in July 2001 in Florida for $80 (tattoos are illegal in her home state of South Carolina). She had decided she wanted a second tattoo with a Buffy connection but one that was subtle. Since her first tattoo was a tribal (in the same place as Sarah's ankle tattoo) spence wanted to keep with that theme and decided on the one that Faith has on the show. Hers runs up and down the outside of her left leg and is 4 1/2 inches long. She brought along Nika's picture of Faith's tattoo from her site for the artist to use as a guide.
Ashley got a Faith tattoo as well! She got it in January of 2002. It's on her right arm like Faith's but it is a bit higher up. It's 3 inches across. And she got it to remind herself to never let all the odds against her overwhelm her.
Can't figure out what the relation is to Buffy? Well take a look again. It's a railroad spike. Now guess what character Julie likes the most? Spike of course. It's located on the back of her neck and done in solid black for $40 at Texas Body Art in Houston, Texas.
I have idea who the owner of this tattoo is but a wonderful person (who's name I can't remember right now) found this image for me on the internet. It's a representation of Spike and pretty well done.
Got this off of (great site, but not for the weak of stomach sometimes). I have no clue if the person is an Angel fan but I snagged the picture regardless. Not one, but two gryphon tattoos for this guy!
Wajoma had this tattoo done in October 2001. It's the words BITE ME inked in solid black in Old English font on the back of her neck. She had it done at Electric Impressions in Old Australia.
Regan had the Angel Investigations logo tattooed onto the back of her neck. (yes, a chunk of it is cut off in the picture.) It's approximately three inches in height, cost $40, and was done at Marc's Tattooing in Hazleton, PA.
Lauralee's bite marks tattoo was inspired by Wajoma's "Bite Me" tattoo. She'd start talking it over with herhusband late last year and decided that if she was going to do it she should just go all out. So she got a vampire bite tattooed on the right side of her neck. It was done at Adrenaline Tattoos & Piercing in San Antonio, Texas.
This is Justin's tattoo. He used the design I reproduced from Giles' tattoo on the show.
Rachael's tattoo is in devotion to her favorite character, Angel. It's located between her two shoulder blades.
Sue's tattoo is the Claddagh symbol that stands for love, loyalty and friendship which ties in to the ring that Angel gave Buffy for her birthday.
Cassandra's tattoo is the black tribal design of the Knights of Byzantium. Her mother got it for her on her fifteenth birthday and she plans to get another Buffy tattoo some time soon.
Jennifer got this tattoo done in May of 2000. It's a gorgeous replication of Buffy from one of the comic books.
This is Cassandra's second Buffy tattoo. It is the season 5 logo shaded in a chrome style. The border has the names Willow, Tara, Anya, Cordy, Angel, Spike, Giles and Xander written inside. It's located on her left arm and took about 3 hours to complete.
This is Rachael's second Buffy/Angel related tattoo. The wings are found on one of the Angel Series DVD boxsets. The top symbol is Chinese for angel, the second means baby girl or daughter and the third means above human upon high, making the whole thing GODDESS.
This is Xiomara's (Zee for short) tattoo. She's from Norway and she paid $233 for this tattoo. It's her first tattoo and it's a stylized Claddagh pattern that was made especially for her by the artist. It's located on her lower back and took approximately 2 hours to complete. She had originally intended to get it done in solid black but decide to have it stippled in instead.
This is Swenja's tattoo. It's a pretty close rendition of Charisma's sun tattoo. Swenja's tattoo is also located on the small of her back and she had it slightly altered from Charisma's original design. She had it done in March of 2002 and it cost her 150 Euros.
This is Bree's first tattoo and she got it done on December 11, 2002. It is one of the temporary tattoo designs (stake into the heart with the cross) that can also be found in the temporary tattoo section of this web site. She got it done at The Little Tattoo Shop in southern Missouri.  The tattoo itself took 20 minutes and she got the tattoo to remind herself of how much the show means to her, and that she can fight anything sent her way and still survive.
This is Jacqui's tattoo. It's based on a cartoon drawing of Faith that was produced by an artist on the internet. Unfortunately, she was never able to contact the artist before she got her tattoo done. Its about 3 inches in height situated near her  right hip bone. She got it done at Northside Tattooz in Whitley Bay, England and it cost around 35 in January 2001. It only took around 40 minutes or so to do, cos of its size. She's absolute Faith fanatic and loves how accurate this cartoon is.
This is a picture of Tom's tattoo.  They're the same angel wings that are used on a great deal of Angel merchandise. It's located on his left upper arm and he plans to get a Buffy related tattoo on his right upper arm soon.
This is Jess' Angel logo tattoo. She had it done in 2000 before they redesigned the Angel logo.
This is Cassie's tattoo and she got it in April of 2003. She considers it to be her tribute to Buffy and Angel, one that she can't ever lose. It's located on the inside of her left ankle and she paid $50 at Purple Haze in Northridge California.
This is Alexis' Faith tattoo. It was done at Jersey Devil for $70 on May 1, 2003. Alexis got it done the last month before graduating from high school. It's the same as Faith's but done in bright green to give it a little colour. They got this tattoo to remind themselves that life isn't always easy, and to not put up with the bull.
This is Scott's Faith tattoo (which seems to be super popular lately!). Scott is 17 years old and from Australia. He got this tattoo done in Noosa while he was on holidays. It cost him $50 and it's located on his left shoulder blade. It's approximately 2 inches long and it's dedicated to the 7 years of BtVS.
This is Amanda's Faith tattoo. She got it done December 12, 2001 for her not so Sweet 16th birthday at The Ink Shop in southern New Jersey. It's about 3 inches long and it cost $50. She'd wanted the tattoo the moment she saw it on Faith's arm, but was only 12 or 13 at the time. So the deal she made with my parents was, if by the time she turned 16, she still wanted the same tattoo she could get it done for her birthday.
This is Callie's tattoo. She got it done on May 20, 2003 as a tribute to the show and commemorating the series finale. She came up with the design herself. It is of a cross with a heart on it, and a wooden stake through the heart.  The artist suggested the drop of blood coming off of the stake.  He drew the heart in the same shape as the heart on the episode guide booklet in the Buffy S2 DVD.  It's located on the inside of her right ankle, and is about an inch and a half long.
This is Kate's Faith tattoo. She got it doen at Raven's Ink in Portland, Oregon for $100. She's been wanting to get it since the third season but finally got it done in time for the Seaosn 7 finale.
This is Julie's tattoo. She got it done in 2001 for 30 in Oxford, England. It's the kanji symbol representing "faith."  It took about 15 minutes to do and she got it because she's a big fan of Faith and didn't want an obvious Buffy tattoo. It's located on her lower back.
This is Callisto's tattoo. She got it done on May 30, Burlington, Ontario at Sinkin' Ink Tattoos. It cost $75 CAN. It's 3" across and was inspired by the icon on the front of the Spike Calendar, and the tattoo artist adjusted it a bit to work as a tattoo. It's to celebrate the end of a kick-ass show as well as a symbol for her to not be afraid to face her (metaphorical) demons.
Someone sent this in to me and my guess is that it's the same guy as the one at the top of the page, he's just upgraded his tattoo. Absolutely awesome work! BTW, if this is you, e-mail me! I want more pics!
Jill had this tattoo done at Hep Cat Tattoos in Chelmsford, Essex in the UK. It was done on the 4th of July 2003 and it's her tribute to both Buffy and Angel.
Lisa got her Buffy tattoo done on July 1, 2003. She's a very devoted fan and got a tattoo custom drawn for her. It was done at Santa Cruz Tattoo in North Little Rock, Arkansas. It took approximately 30 minutes and cost her $60 USD. It's a rose wrapped around a stake.
In honour of Alyson Hannigan, Jenn decided to get symmetrical dolphins identical to the one that Aly has on her ankle. They're solid black tribal dolphins and located on the inside of her forearms.
This is Rachel's awesome collection of Buffy tattoos! Her first one was Angel's replica tattoo which is also located on right shoulder blade. She got it done sometime in 2001 for 60. Her second one is located on her left shoulder blade and it's Angel in his vampire visage. She got this one done in January 2003 for 80. Her third one is a replica of Faith's tattoo and it's located on her right arm. It was completed in May 2003 and cost 30. And the last ones are the words Angel and Angelus located on her arms. They were done in March 2003 for 20.

These are AD's tattoos. The first one is a railroad spike going through the symbol for Angel Investigations. The other ones are the faces of Angel and Spike vamped out.
Kallie got the little Buffy "B" done right before Christmas of 2002 on her inner left ankle for $50. The second one is the heart and flames design from the DVDs. She got it done on April 14 (in honor of Sarah Michelle Gellar's birthday) for $130 and it's located on her lower back.
Iain had this tattoo done in April of 2003. It's located on his arm it's approximately 3 inches by 3 inches (at the widest points.) It's the Buffy logo design from one of the ceramic mugs.
Sharon, from Scotland, had the Angel Investigations insignia done on her left wrist. And so far Andy Hallet, Mark Lutz and George Hertzberg have all seen it
This is Elliott's Angel tattoo. He works in a tattoo shop and decided to get this done on September 18, 2003.
This is Ant's Angel tattoo. He's from the UK and got this tattoo done in early 2003 by a mobile tattoo artist in St. Helens. It cost 70 pounds and is located on his right shoulder blade. It's approximately 7 inches high.
This is Jacky's tattoo. She got the heart and stake idea from the Buffy calendar and the wings are from the Angel Season One DVDs. The kanji in the middle means "untouchable" to remind herself of what we all have to be sometimes. She got it done July 25th at Blue's at tattoo parlor located in Okinawa, Japan. It's located on her left hip to represent that she's from the Far East and it's about three inches tall and five inches wide.
Lady of da Ganj got this tattoo done in September of 2003, her first year of university. It's on her lower right back and cost $80 Canadian. She absolutely adores it and it means mainly strength and survival to her.
This is Sadielee's tattoo that she got done in March 2003. It's on her right bum cheek and about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. It was originally the design for a car decal. The tattoo was done at Steve's Tattoo in Stevens Point, Wisconsin by Sean.
This is Prophecy Girl's faith tattoo. She got it done on October 31, 2003 and it's located in the exact same spot as Faith's; on her right upper arm. She got it as a tribute to the show she's loved for 7 years and because she's always identified with Faith's character -- being the outsider, the one always being in trouble
This is Idan's Spike face tattoo. It was done at Pentagram Tattoo for $170.
Tara's second Faith tattoo. It's cartoon Faith!
This is Valeria's, from Argentina, tattoo. It's a cross on her left wrist pointing towards her heart. She got it done October 14, 2003 in honor of seven years of an amazing show.
This is Alex's tattoo Angel replica tattoo. It's on his right shoulder blade and about 8 inches in height. He got it done in 1999 for approximately 80.
This is Sugar's tattoo. She got it done December 12, 2003. It starts at the bottom of her back and is 7 inches high. It was her fourth tattoo and her absolute favourite.
This is Joanne's amazing set of back tattoos. The ones on the sides in black are the tribal dolphins that Alyson has on her ankle. The middle design is the combined BVS logo of Buffy that appeared in the fifth season.
This is Amber's fantastic sun tattoo that's an exact replica of Charisma's tattoo. Amber got it done in August of 2003 for $135.00 at Buddah's Body Art in Erie, PA.
Julia is 17 years old and from Melbourne, Australia. On the 2nd of December she got the Angel Investigations logo tattooed on her lower back, right in the center. It was done in South Australia and paid for by her best bud Isabelle as a Christmas gift and cost $50AUS.
This is Emma's tattoo. She got it done March 1, 2004 at a place called Excalibur in the UK. She paid 30 and it is the Buffy heart design.
This is Ben's Buffy "B" tattoo which is located on his hand. His friend did it for him for 35.

These are Zac's tattoos. The one on his right arm is the same as Faith's and he got it to remind him to stay strong and not let the odds overwhelm him. He got that one done for $90 in January 2004. The other one is the Grrr Arghhh monster of Mutant Enemy fame. He got this one done because it's an aspect of Buffy that represents every single season. It cost him $60 in February 2004.
This is Tara's Buffy flame tattoo. She got it done on the day of the BtVS series finale in order to express her love for the show and to have something to always remember it by. She got it done at Skin Illustrations in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. It cost $45 and it's located on her right shoulder blade.
This is Kris' Buffy and Angel tattoos. They were done at Delicious Ink in Rockford, Illinois, USA in January of 2004. They are located on the inner right leg just above the ankle. The stake in the heart was to be a spike but ended up looking more like a stake instead.
This is Hamutal's Buffy "B". She is a 26 yeard old from Israel. The B is located on her left arm and she got it the day after she finished the last episode of Buffy, which was unbelievable to her.
This is Becky's Buffy tattoo. She got it on July 3, 2004 at Skin Creations in Venice, FL for $120. She got it as a tribute to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy. She cried AFTER getting it because of being soooooo happy.
Julia got the sign of Vocah at the end of June in 2004. It's located on the inside of her left ankle and cost AUS$50.00. Shoutout to Isabelle for helping her win the money for the tattoo at the casino!
Dave has the mark of Eyghon.
Sharon's Angel Investigations logo tattoo was done in August of 2004 and it's located on her lower back, just off to the left. She got it done in Edinburgh, Scotland (although she's actually from Dublin, Ireland) and it cost her 30.
This is Cally's Spike tattoo which is located on her arm. James Marsters himself saw it at Moonlight rising in June 2004 and asked her if it hurt and could he sign it, she refused the autograph but answered his questions. She got the pic from the 'Creatures of the Night' graphic novel.
This is Rachel's puppet Angel tattoo. She had it done in January 2005 and it cost 50. She wanted something to remind her of the last season of Angel and Smile Time was her favourite episode.
This is Ellie's tattoo. The tattoo is a heart design with a railroad spike and it's located on her inner left ankle. It's about 1 1/4 by 1 inch. She got it on March 7, 2005 at Jinx Proof in Washington DC as as a tribute to a fantastic show and to remind herself that despite everything that happens, she can't hide who she is and she can't deny anything that's happened in the past - it makes her who she today.
This is Arianna's tattoo. She wanted to get something that would honor the show, but nothing blatantly obvious, so she got this logo. She's only seen this exact one used once, in the jacket of the first Buffy soundtrack. The tattoo was done at Art and Soul II in New Paltz, New York in Febuary of 2005.
This is Julia's Angel Investigations logo tattoo. She got it in October of 2002 by Ms. Judy at the Anchorage Tattoo Studio in Anchorage, Alaska. It's about 1 1/2 inches tall and is on the inside of her right ankle. It cost $50, which is the base cost for any size tattoo at the studio. She always wanted a tattoo and since she loves the Whedonverse, she thought this would be a great way to combine the two.
This is Emily's tattoo. It's a replica of the dolphin tattoo that Alyson Hannigan has. The tattoo is located on the inside of her right ankle. One dolphin is solid black and the other is a shade of grey. It cost $65, and took about 40 minutes to finish. She got this because she loves Alyson as Willow and she likes dolphins.
This is Jesuzaine's Angel tattoo. It was inked Tom at Urban Graffiti in Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA.

These are Chris' tattoos. The Buffy heart logos are located on his wrists and cost $140 for the pair, the tribal design is a replica of the logos on the bad guys in the Buffy video game (Chaos Bleeds) and finally, the mark of Eyghon located on his inner arm was done for $80.
Inked May 24, 2005 for $35.
Maria's Angel wings.
This is Paula's Claddagh tattoo. She had it done in June 2005 at DNA Tattoos in Kamloops, BC Canada. It costs $60 and took about 25 minutes to ink.
Stacy's tattoo was done in January of 2004 for her 27th birthday. It's located on her lower back and cost $120.
Noelia is from the Bronx, NYC USA and she found this design on one of the Buffy beach towels. She changed the colours slightly and it is locayed on her right shoulder blade.
This is Stevie's tattoo since 2001. The work was done by Yana at Murder Ink Studios in Queens, New York USA.
Tom's Spike tattoo was done in Norristown, PA USA by Shane Munce and cost $600.
Jeri's tattoo is based on a cartoon drawing of Buffy by Mark Ryden.
Nikki's sister paid for her to get this tattoo done for her 30th birthday on July 19th, 2005.
Mark had the Angel wings tattooed onto his back along with his three brothers initials.
Adam had this tattoo done in September of 2005. It's the famous quote at the end of The Gift, done in the Buffy font.
Nicole had the makr of Eyghon tattooed onto her skin in August of 2005.