The Watcher's Guide

The Watcher's Guide
The Official Guide to the TV Series

-Written by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder with additional info from Keith R. A. Decandido
-298 Pages
-November 1998

  Summary: Episode guide for Seasons 1 and 2, biographies and interviews with the characters and actors on the show, a music listing, monster listing, special notes, tons of pictures, quotes, behind the scenes info and much much more.
  Rating: 5/5
  Review: Incredible. The end-all, everything you could possibly want to know about the show, guide is here (for season 1 and 2 at least). It's incredible well done and it must have taken a long long time to get everything so darn perfect. The episode summaries are good, as well as some follow-up issues that pertain to the show. Miscellaneous info is on every page which adds a really nice touch. The biographies of the actors was made even more interesting by the fact that most of the actors were interviewed with some really good questions that don't involve answering "So who was your favourite character to play?". There are great pictures thrown in as well. There's Behind The Scenes info that makes every fan giddy to read. This is the perfect guide to the series and if you're short on cash this is the only one that you should buy.
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