Sons of Entropy

The Gatekeeper Trilogy: Book Three: Sons of Entropy

-Written by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder
-317 Pages
-May 1999

  Summary: To save Xander's life Willow and Cordelia take the Ghost Roads to the Regnier house. When they get there they find that the Gatekeeper has died and Xander is immediately put into the Cauldron of Braun the Blessed. But the Cauldron recognizes Xander as the new heir and bestows all of the Gatekeeper's magickal power to a very surprised Xander. Back in Sunnydale, Joyce Summers has been captured by Fulcanelli. Giles is busy searching for where Joyce might be held and where the rightful heir to the Gatekeeper's line might be. The bloodline must be continued otherwise Xander's body may not be able to withstand the strain that the magick will do to his body. Buffy manages to save her mother in a maze that Fulcanelli designed, complete with Minotaur. Jacques, the new heir, escapes from Fulcanelli and joins Buffy's entourage. Oz and Angel lead Jacques through the Ghost Roads and back to the Gatekeeper's house where an assault is being conducted on Xander and his abilities. But Jacques arrives and his powers are restored to him. Fulcanelli's men begin their assault again and Willow tries to help out with her binding and protection spells. But the house begins to crumble in on itself until Fulcanelli is destroyed and Buffy back in Sunnydale defeats the demon Belphegor with her own bare hands, because no weapon could help her destroy him.
  Rating: 4/5

Review: I didn't like this book as much as I liked the second one but still a good book and it was a nice ending for the trilogy. I was especially proud of Willow who was really coming into her witchcraft skills. A powerful story and it's a great conclusion to the trilogy. It's extremely well written and wonderful detail is put in everywhere making this story, though fantastical, all the more believable. Which doesn't really make sense, but it does in my own world. The imagery in here was wonderful, a lot of pop culture references that were absolutely hysterical, like this passage:

Micaela said: "[The light] Move toward it."
Oz was a tad not okay with that; how many books and movies had he read or seen where moving toward the light entailed dying? Okay, Micaela wasn't a squeaky-voiced dwarf woman and Angel was no Carol Ann, but still, creepy."

Anyway, this whole series was absolutely spectacular. This is THE series to read. If you don't ever want to read other Buffy books after this, then that's fine, but these are a must read. They're fantastical stories. The characters are written dead-on. And every character is utilized. Excellent reading material.

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