Tales of the Slayer Volume 1

Tales of the Slayer: Volume 1

-Various Authors
-276 Pages
- October 2001



A Good Run by Greg Rucka
- It's 490 BC in Greece and Thessily is the current Slayer. In order to protect an important messenger, she must run 300 miles in 3 days while fending off countless vampires. In the end, this 29 year old Slayer just wants to be remembered for something great.

The White Doe by Christie Golden
- Around 1590 - A Slayer named White Doe was adopted by Croatoans despite her English breeding and trained as the men were. She grew to be beautiful and agile. A particular wizard of the people fell in love with her but she did not return his lust. He then turned her into a white doe because if he could not have her then he did not wish anyone else have her heart. But Seal of the Ocean loves her and eventually finds her, only to end up killing her because he believes she is a wild animal.

die Blutgrafin by Yvonne Navarro
- Hungary 1600s - Countesse Elizabeth Bathory (die Blutgrafin) aka the Blood Countess is a wicked woman that lives in a castle in Hungary. It is rumoured that she bathes in the blood of young virgins in order to stay youthful. Ildiko is the current Slayer and she infiltrates the castle, posing as a maid. But the Countess takes note of her abilities and poisons her. Ildiko realizes that she has failed in her duties as Slayer when she put inside the Iron Maiden; the Countess' favorite torture device.

Unholy Madness by Nancy Holder
- In the late 1500s in Paris, France, Marie-Christina is a Slayer of royal bloody who lives in MArie-Antoinette's royal palace at Versailles. Unfortunately, the royals have become displeased with her work, as has her Watcher. She is trying to save the poor people of Paris from a vampire named L'Hero who is rallying the people against the royals but her Watcher disapproves of her actions. She then discovers that she is not born of royal blood, but she was pulled off the streets when she was a young child. She accepts her past and kills L'Hero but then finds her Watcher at the guillotine. She tells him that she succeeded in killing L'Hero but he tells her that she failed in all her duties and she's useless. His head is then chopped off while Marie-Christine looks down on him in sorrow.

Mornglom Dreaming by Doranna Durgin
- Mollie Prater is a simple 15 year old girl living in Kentucky in 1886. Next week she's to be married to Harly. But a Watcher named Ethan has been searching for her because she is the new Slayer. A few weeks ago Molliw grew new abilities and Ethan must train her. Her town has been attacked by several man-demons and she's the only one that's faced them and lived to tell the tale. Mollie's wedding day is interrupted by these demons and Ethan's appearance. He briefly tells her that she is the Slayer and she kills the demons. Unfortunately Harly walks out on her and she knows her life won't ever be the same.

Silent Screams by Mel Odom
- Munich, Germany 1923 - Herr Lichtermann is the Watcher of the new official Slayer, Britta. He trains her but never once encounters a vampire or demon. One night, the Slayer and Watcher attend a screening of a new movie, only to find that the creators are vampires plan to kill their audience. Herr Lichtermann runs away, leaving Britta to die alone, breaking his promise to her. But Lichtermann is captured and put into a cell with the newly vamped Britta who wants nothing more than to kill the Watcher that betrayed her.

And White Splits The Night by Yvonne Navarro
- Flordia 1956 - 17 year old Asha is a dark-skinned Slayer in an extremely racist society. While hunting, she discovers a vampire's plan to kill a church group in a couple days and bomb the place to the ground. She and her Watcher rush to the church to prevent the attack from happening. Asha managed to save the people in the church but ends up killing herself in return.

  Rating: 4.5/5

A Good Run: I greatly disliked this writing style. It just didn't agree with me. I can't really pin point anything but I just didn't like it. That being said, I did like the story. It was very bizarre to read about a Slayer that had almost hit 30 years of age and I did like the setting. Reading all this Slayer mythology is really interesting.

The White Doe: This story started off horribly slow. It took forever for me to get interested into the story. About two thirds of the way through the novel you finally get to the Slayer bits and it's definitely good after that first chunk of boringness. But the ending was good yet very sad. The story of all these Slayers is really sad.

die Blutgrafin: I really liked this one. The Countess Bathory has always had me intrigued and while I didn't know from the title that it would be about the Countess, the explained it early on enough. The story was written well and had plenty of intrigues. Throughout the whole story the Watcher keeps telling Ildiko that she hasn't had enough training to take on the Countess and close to the end we think the Slayer can do it. But when it came down to the wire and the Slayer was being put into the vicious Iron Maiden, it kind of taught me a lesson that the good people can't always win. So I definitely liked the ending of this story. It's slightly horrifying, but I liked that.

Unholy Madness: Very discouraging and very sad. At first I enjoyed seeing Marie-Christine as a regal Slayer, but then it started to wear on my nerves. But then she started to realize that she should be helping the poor people, so then I was happy again. And when this Slayer finally started to do the right thing, everyone pretty much turned their backs on her! Her Slayer was a sad thing, it gave her very little support and in the end did nothing but embarrass her and make her sad for all the good things she'd done. He dies telling her she was useless! She doesn't die, so we don't really know what becomes of her but I sure hope she grew to despise her old Watcher. A very good tale, and definitely worth reading.

Mornglom Dreaming: A simple tale really, but nice to read. A little confusing at the end, but the whole ghost/demon body thing. But it was a simple story and I liked it (lol, real descriptive eh?)

Silent Screams: Really, REALLY creepy at the end and really well told story. I can't remember but I don't think I'd really liked Mel Odom's stories written for Buffy before but I did like this one. Britta seemed like such a fun free spirit, too bad her Watcher was such a putz. Leaving her to die? That dude should never have become a Watcher in the first place.

And White Splits The Night: Terribly sad. I felt terrible for Asha throughout the whole story. Her father died of a vampire bite and her Watcher didn't seem to love her at all (until the end).

This was a good novel, and for anyone interested in the Slayer mythology then this is really the novel you want to pick up. For the most part, the stories are well written and entertaining to read (there is one or two duds, but they're short).

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