Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

-Scott Ciencin
-211 Pages
-April 2002


Summary: Buffy has a run in with a couple demons at store while a gangly blonde girl watches on. Afterwards Buffy tries to talk to her but she runs off, faster than Buffy can catch her. Meanwhile Dawn has befriended a girl named Arianna at her school. Arianna has no friends and an abusive mother and has always longed to become a heroine. After it becomes clear that Arianna is the exceptionally strong girl that Buffy ran into, the gang tries to find out where Arianna's powers are coming from. Meanwhile, a demon called Aurek is searching for his daughter Arianna who is to become the Reaver, a being used for mass destruction of the dimensions. He finally locates her and tries to convince her that all humans are against demons. Just as Arianna starts to befriend Buffy, she then begins to pull away. Fearing that Buffy will just kill her in the end. Arianna has to make a decision on whether or not to keep her humanity.

  Rating: 5/5

Review: REALLY good. The whole basis for this novel was superb. It draws you in immediately with the scene between Buffy at the drug store and Arianna that becomes an immediate mystery. It was an excellent opener and I love when stuff is done like that. There were numerous reference to the off screen life of the actors, ie: the mention about some hot guy in the movie Psycho Beach Party. Best line in the WHOLE book was:
Dawn: Come on, we're huntin' wabbits.
Anya: Oh no! They're finally attacking, aren't they?
hehe, I laughed so hard at that.
Anyway, the basis of the book was well thought out and written along with a very powerful ending. I missed they'd explained a little more about the Reaver. They touched on the outer dimensional stuff but never really went into it, and somehow that makes me feel like part of the story is missing. Anyway, it was a good read and I'd recommend it to the fans out there.

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