How I Survived My Summer Vacation Vol. 1

How I Survived My Summer Vacation, Volume 1

-273 Pages
-August 2000

  Summary: Dust by Michelle West: Buffy continually sees the death of everyone she touches while she heads out to LA to spend summer vacation with her dad. She must come to terms with her own death before the deaths of others will disappear from her mind.

Absalom Rising by Nancy Holder: Absalom tries to get a hold of the Master's bones from Giles who has them kept in his house.

Looks Can Kill by Cameron Dokey: A shapeshifter comes to town and Giles, Angel and Jenny must figure out how to deal with it before it gets to the Slayer.

No Place Like... by Cameron Dokey: While shopping in LA Buffy runs into a fortuneteller who tells her that she's the warrior sent to free the spirit of her dead child. Buffy must solve the mystery of the daughter's death and why her spirit isn't free.

Uncle Dead and the Fourth of July: A newly risen vampire raises the war veteran General Sam from the grave. General Sam, crazy and still sure that World War II rages on, decides to seize Sunnydale since he believes it has been infiltrated by the enemy. Giles, Jenny and Angel must stop the General and his legion of zombie followers.

The Show Must Go On by Paul Ruditis: Willow and Xander are running a play at the local theater and little do they know but the stage crew are actually all vampires who have a love for Shakespeare. After several deaths in a Shakespearian fashion, Giles, Jenny and Angel decide to remove the vampire threat on the night of the play.

  Rating: 4.5/5
  Review: Dust: Not bad, nice to see Buffy back in LA and it really showed the problems she was having with her father. The I-was-dead theme was kind of taking it's toll but it was still a good story.

Absalom Rising: So-so, a little boring but it explains everything about the Master's bones that appears in the season 2 premiere.

Looks Can Kill: Not too great. It was a good story but the characters were portrayed horribly. Angel and giles were continuously arguing and being insulting to one another, which would have fit in to place if this book were in Season3, but it's not so it didn't make any sense. Jenny was just written weird and it seeme dlike everyone was mad at each other (with the exception of Xander and Willow).

No Place Like...: A wonderful story that could have been read as a legend/myth told around a campfire. Absolutely fun to read and very interesting as it was a ghost story. I liked how there was something to discover in this novel. Definitely better than Cameron's story before.

Uncle Dead and the Fourth of July: A cool story, though the zombie issue didn't spark much interest with me but Uncle Sam was an interesting character. I like how this book is using more of Angel, Giles and Jenny which doesn't usually happen. Plus it's nice to see Jenny in some stories. Nicely written and fun to read.

The Show Must Go On: Great story and it really felt like an episode of Buffy. The Shakespeare vampire troupe were interest-sparking and the fact that they killed people like in Shakespeare plays made for an even more fascinating story.

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