Reading the Vampire Slayer

Reading the Vampire Slayer: An Unofficial Critical Companion to Buffy and Angel

-Various Authors
-Edited by Roz Kaveney
-271 Pages

  Summary: This novel is a collection of philosophical papers written on the show. From dissecting the show's themes and structures to the comedic humour as well as Buffy as icon, with plenty of other papers in the midst of all that. Also included at the very is an episode guide for BtVS season 1-5 and Angel seasons 1-2.
  Rating: 4/5
  Review: I particularly liked the introduction, it really opened up my eyes to some of the things I have never ever noticed on Buffy before. One thing in particular that stuck out was the Buffy and Faith relationship, that Faith attempted to leave Sunnydale via the pier (in almost the exact same way that Angel tried to in Season 2) because of her unrequited love for Buffy. It sounds a little odd at first but when you read it through it makes a LOT of sense. There's a great deal of parallels that were brought to attention in this novel. And you'll often find yourself wondering why you didn't pick up on certain things yourself. A lot of the writing is quite ingenious, although there are a couple dud papers in the book (especially that one that focused on the spaces in Sunnydale. That was just plain dull.) My favorite one was Just A Girl: Buffy as an Icon. That was quite an eye-opener. I didn't really read through the episode guide because I'm already pretty familiar with the series, but it seems to be a very brief (2 or 3 lines to each) overview of every episode. I highly recommend this one, it's an excellent read.
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