The Lost Slayer: Volume 1 - Prophecies

-Written by Christopher Golden
-134 Pages
- August 2001

  Summary: As Buffy is starting out her freshman year at UC Sunnydale she decides to take charge and do everything herself. How else can she hope to have a normal life without mastering everything she does? But unfortunately it results in isolation from her friends and angering Willow, who tries to understand but to no avail. When a particularly nasty group of vampires with bats tattooed across their faces and who's eyes glow with a surreal orange fire arrive in Sunnydale, Buffy tries her best to keep them at bay. Giles researches to find out that this particular breed of vampires are part of a gang with the demon Camazotz. Of course things start to look even worse when the past Slayer Lucy Hanover visits Buffy in her sleep. After a run in with Camazotz where Giles gets captured and most of the Scooby Gang ends up injured Buffy decides to call on Lucy Hanover to help them out. Lucy then calls on the Prophet who tells Buffy that her mistake has already been made. As the Prophet touches Buffy she is thrown 5 years into the future where she's been locked in a cage for the past five years...
  Rating: 4/5
  Review: Well first off, it's a REALLY short novel. So you're going to fly through this novel in no time flat. The story is a little bizarre with Buffy continually trying to isolate herself from her friends because she feels she needs to get everything done on her own. And while it's annoying at first, it is understandable. It's no different than any other teen who wants to accomplish many tasks (such as school, extracurricular activities, sports, family life, etc.). The storyline is engaging though and we immediately find ourselves thrown into the novel. Though the back of the book gives away far too much and the whole time we're sitting here reading this novel, we're wondering when on earth Buffy is going to be catapulted into the future. True to Christopher Golden style, that event is saved until the end. In which case you're stuck waiting another couple of months until the following volume is released. (A bad plan in my opinion, but it will encourage readers to buy even more.) The story is well written and I'll enjoy seeing where this storyline will take us in the future. An older Buffy is certainly intriguing as are the vampires with the bats tattooed on their faces. The only issues I had was that the Scooby Gang is used very little throughout the novel, this may help in focusing our attention directly on Buffy, but for me it seemed only to isolate me from her. She is a part of her friends, and without them, she doesn't seem as complete, which led to my isolation from her (you following me?). I did enjoy the ending with the next Slayer being thrown into the cell with Buffy. And learning about Faith's death... I like speculation and hopefully the following volumes will intrigue me as much as this one has.
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