Original Sins

The Lost Slayer: Volume 4 - Original Sins

-Written by Christopher Golden
-175 Pages
- November 2001


Summary: Buffy, Xander and Willow have found a weakened Camazotz which they accidentally release from his magickal chains. Willow figures out how to kill Camaztoz: with gold, through alchemy which can only be done if it's not used for personal gain. Meanwhile, Anna, the new Slayer, and Wesley try to reduce the vampire population though Wesley gets seriously injured. Now that Camazotz is dead, the Kakchiquels have lost all their power and are reduced to only regular vampire strength.

Shortly after, Willow, Xander, Oz and Buffy enter a room to find Angel suspended in mid-air with a stake protruding from his heart, and he yet he still lives. Giles has imprisoned Angel here for the past five years when Angel went out searching for Buffy. If the spell is broken, Angel will die. Giles finds them all and Buffy stays to fight while the others rush off to help the other troops. Buffy finally builds up the courage to kill Giles, killing Angel in the process. Unfortunately, not much is gained from this battle as both Wesley and Xander die as well.

Finally Willow figures out a spell to send Buffy back in time. Guided by Lucy Hanover, Buffy goes back to the day where she told Willow that she didn't need her help with Camaztoz. But this this time she asks for help. As Buffy fights to free Giles she is backed up by her friends. Willow binds Zotzilaha and in the final battle, this younger version of Willow learns that alchemy cannot e used for personal gain. Her gold-tipped stake, guided by Buffy's hand, destroys Camazotz in a very close battle to the end.

  Rating: 4/5

Review: Better, a little too fast at first because you're introduced to the fact that Angel and Giles die in about the first third of the book. The middle was rather dull but the end made up for it. The whole Giles/Angel/Buffy issue was rather sad, and I didn't like to see Angel get stuck in that orb for five years only to end up dead. But it was bittersweet. I completely didn't like Giles at all though. Nothing about him resembled his old Watcher self. And in all honesty, he kind of bored me. I was glad when Buffy finally snapped out of the whole "he was my Watcher..." deal and just killed him. Good for her. A really good finale and I liked that Buffy had all these cute little secrets about Willow's future self and how Willow was the one that told her that alchemy could not be used for personal gain. One thing that bothered me throughout the story was that they kept calling Faith such a perfect Slayer! It made no sense with the storyline, it was entirely unnecessary and it wasn't even explained! The least they could have done was inform us why Faith was such a modem child.

A nice ending but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

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