The Evil That Men Do

The Evil That Men Do

-Nancy Holder
-335 Pages
-July 2000

  Summary: After a vicious shooting spree by Brian Dellasandro, a straight A student, the town of Sunnydale goes into a state of shock, though not one everyone would expect; they turn on each other and become nasty. At the same time, Helen, an ancient vicious vampire over 1500 years old has come to Sunnydale. she has hunted and killed every single Slayer she has ever met in her life and Buffy is next of her list. Helen and her lover Julian have come to Sunnydale to raise Meter, a goddess of destruction and to do that they need the heart of the Slayer and the ashes of the Emperor Caligula from way back when in 47 A.D. The urn, containing his ashes, has arrived in Joyce's gallery and is later stolen.

After a run in with Helen, Buffy learns that Angelus and Helen used to be paramours in 1800s but that it ended when he regained his soul. Angel explains to her bout Helen's past and how she came to hunt down Slayers.

Buffy and her friends are captured and suited up on the night of Meter's ascension. They are led onto a battleground where Buffy must stay alive against dozens of opponents as well as her friends who have been infected by the Potion of Madness in order to prevent Meter from rising.

  Rating: 5/5
  Review: Incredible! A wonderful, wonderful story! Plenty of back story and just absolutely a ton of fun to read. I loved Helen and how she was created and her entire history with her best friend being the Slayer and it was really sad that she gave her life to Julian in order to save the Slayer and then ended up killing her anyway. How ironic. The entire story was enjoyable and in the end where there was Buffy on the battlegrounds was extremely inventive too. I was really impressed with this story and didn't want it to end! Nancy Holder did a wonderful job writing this story as everything fits together and the story is woven so nicely that it's tons of fun to read. Hehe, and that whole deal about Angel and the handcuffs was hysterical :) I can barely express how much I loved this book! Go! Go out and buy it now!
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