Out of the Madhouse

The Gatekeeper Trilogy Volume 1: Out of the Madhouse

-Written by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder
-367 Pages
-January 1999

  Summary: While Giles is in Manhattan for a librarian's meeting, the Scooby Gang finds that Sunnydale is suddenly overrun by demons. Meanwhile Giles' hotel room in Manhattan is ransacked and he gets assaulted, which leads to him ending up in the hospital. Miss Tomasi, a fellow Watcher, tries to warn him of something but disappears. Eventually Giles makes it back to Sunnydale. There they discover that portals from another realm are opening in Sunnydale which caused the drastic increase in the demon population. Giles figures that there must be something wrong at the Gatehouse, a huge mansion that is infested with demons but kept under control by Jacques Regnier, a wizened sorcerer called the Gatekeeper. Giles, Buffy, Xander and Cordelia fly to Boston where the Gatehouse is located, while Willow, Oz and Angel remain in Sunnydale to ward off demons and the Sons of Entropy that seem to be stalking the Slayer. After Angel captures two Songs of Entropy, he learns, by beating them, that their boss, Il Maestro, is planning on opening the gates to other dimensions to let the demons run loose on the earth with the sons of Entropy as their kings and their immediate plan is to take over the Gatehouse in order to do this. Oz takes off to Boston to warn Buffy of the Sons of Entropy. Meanwhile in the Gatehouse the gang is fighting off hordes of demons and they somehow manage to survive. Xander locates the Gatekeepers who manages to regain control of the Gatehouse by securing the demons in their rooms with his magick. The Gatekeeper is frail and on the verge of death, only by immersing himself in the Cauldron of Bran the Blessed, can he continue to live past his 142 years. To keep the Gatehouse in order they must find his son who is somewhere in Europe. They decide to take the ghost roads, which are wrinkles in time, but they only allow beings touched by the supernatural to travel them. Oz takes the ghost road back to Sunnydale to get Angel, when they make it back to the mansion they discover that it's under attack. The spell fueled by her friends and Angel's love must work its magick with the Gatekeeper's help in order to save Buffy's life
  Rating: 4.5/5
  Review: Awesome story! It would have been awesome to see this on TV! Or even better, maybe as a trilogy of movies. Beautifully written and absolutely captivating with wonderful ideas thrown into the mix. I loved the ghost roads and how Oz saw Kendra and Angel saw Jenny. It was startlingly saddening to read Angel weeping tears of blood for Jenny, not to mention touching. Oz, for the first time that I can recall, was well written and fit exactly into his character mold that had been set out by the TV show. There was so much atmosphere in this novel and all this magick stuff made for an extremely interesting book. I'm looking forward to the next two books in this trilogy as there are so many questions and very few answers!
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