The Girl's Got Bite 2

The Girl's Got Bite 2
The Original Unauthorized Guide to Buffy's World, Completely Revised and Updated

-Kathleen Tracy
-342 Pages
-May 2003

  Summary: Cast and crew biographies, character bios, mythology and an episode guide from Season 1 until part way through Season 7.
  Rating: 5/5
  Review: This is absolutely the BEST unauthorized guide to the show ever. At first I was slightly skeptical about the idea of revising and old book, since buying the new version is both costly and annoying. However, I'm REALLY glad I got it. This novel kicked it's predecessor firmly in the ass. It opens up with a bit on the movie version of Buffy which I absolutely adored reading about. There's a lot to learn regarding the movie, and most of the facts just increased my dislike for the Kuzuis. There were also cast bios which were very well put together. Not necessarily new material but it's presented in a very refreshing way that just made it easy to read. Plus the author didn't overkill on the bios, because sometimes too much info is just annoying. Anyway, the focus of this book though is on the episodes. This guide really isn't for the newbies because it helps to know the episodes thoroughly before reading the analysis' of these episodes. There are a lot of key points discussed by the other that really flesh out the Buffy world. I really liked reading some new perspectives and they were VERY insightful. I'd definitely recommend picking this one up. It's very much worth the money.
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