The Lost Slayer: Volume 2 - Dark Times

-Written by Christopher Golden
-136 Pages
- September 2001

  Summary: Buffy's 24 year old self has been locked in her prison for the past 5 years. One day they finally throw the new Slayer, August, in there with her. The confused girl tries to kill Buffy but Buffy accidentally snaps her spine, killing the current Slayer. Buffy finally escapes from her prison when the guards arrive after the scuffle. Once escaped, she finds out that Sunnydale has been taken over by vampires with humans helping them out of fear. After a call to the Watcher's Council, Buffy meets up with the extraction team which is made up (among others) of Willow who is now a powerful sorceress, Xander a humorless man now and Oz who can change into a werewolf whenever he chooses. In the present Buffy has been possessed by the Prophet. Once Willow has found this out, they realize they need to prevent Buffy's body from leaving Sunnydale. While the Prophet is leaving Sunnydale, Camazotz appears and tears the entity out of Buffy's body. The Prophet is actually Zotziloha, Camazotz's wife. After that fight Buffy was captured and imprisoned. In the future, Buffy is informed that Giles is now a vampire. More than a vampire, he's become the king of the vampires.
  Rating: 5/5
  Review: Great book! Even better than the first one. This novel was terrifying to read and had me on the edge of my seat most of the time. Seeing the future of Sunnydale and the awkwardness between the Scooby Gang was heartbreaking, but that makes a good novel right? When you feel emotional pain for the characters then you know the novel has you hooked. And this book did exactly that for me. The only part I was surprised at was the fact that I wasn't surprised that Giles is the vampire king. After all that had happened in the future I guess I kind of expected it. The storyline with Zotziloha/the Prophet was just bizarre and I'm not really sure how it ties into the whole storyline, but hopefully it will, otherwise it was kind of pointless. I really don't know why I get so much pleasure out of reading other people's pain. Well not really pleasure because it makes me sad inside, but a story like this has me satisfied because I felt so many emotions. Definitely read this book!
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