Child Of The Hunt

Child of the Hunt

-Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder
-324 Pages
-October 1998

  Summary: Lately Sunnydale has been missing kids, some of them have run away while others seem to have been kidnapped. There have also been attacks by little vicious creatures that completely mutilate their victims by simply biting through their prey. Also in town is a Renaissance Faire and the gang decides to pay it a visit. One visit is enough though because something is slightly off about the faire, everything seems evil and this one boy named Roland is continuously picked on, and not for fun either.

After some research and a couple of run-ins with some small attackers, Angel and Giles discover that a group of mystical beings called the Wild Hunt are in town to claim the souls of humans. Angel warns Buffy not to look at them as if she does they will steal her soul and she will be forced to ride with the Hunt. Buffy hides Roland out in her basement to save him from the nasty Faire people. The next night Buffy comes home to find Roland stolen away by the Wild Hunt. Giles informs Buffy that the Wild Hunt is run by the Erl King, lord of the Wild Hunt, and that Roland is his son and the heir to the Erl King title even though Roland is disgusted by the Hunt. Buffy and the gang rush in to rescue Roland but it's of no use. To free her friend Buffy agrees to be bound by the oath of the Erl King in which she loses all willpower to fight against him.

On the night of the final Hunt in Sunnydale, the gang (without Buffy) assemble and begin an attack on the Wild Hunt before they can clear their magickal forrest to attack the town. Buffy is ordered to kill Roland by the Erl King and she must learn to fight against her magickal oath in order to save her life, Roland's and the lives of her friends as well.

  Rating: 5/5
  Review: Another Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder masterpiece! Beautiful novel and I loved the entire fairy tale theme to it. The Renaissance Faire was a nice place to start off and reminded me of a Renaissances Faire I'd been to (trip down memory lane everyone!). The dark faery (or wee folk) were rather nasty and a cool idea plus the backstory with Angel there was a nice touch. The entire Wild Hunt was a brilliant idea though I'm still a little confused about Roland and why he turns into dirt during the day. I liked the storyline with Lucy Hanover (a long dead Slayer) who had fallen in love with the Erl King. The ending was great too. In short, a wonderful story.
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