The Book of Fours

The Book of Fours

-Nancy Holder
-April 2001
-336 Pages

  Summary: Taking place during Buffy's third season, Faith and Buffy are the current Slayers and when mayhem caused by tidal waves and burning forests begin to erupt in Sunnydale as well as vicious attackers appearing with ceremonial axes, the gang knows that something is up. A woman named Cecile Lafitte has sent her Servants to kill the Slayers with special axes, Faith being the Slayer of Fire and Buffy being the Slayer of Air. Each Slayer has a special axe made to destroy the Slayer of that particular element. There are four axes in total; air, fire, water and earth. Should Faith and Buffy both be killed then it's believed that the line of Slayers would die out forever. Cecile wants to bring forth the Gatherer, and the only way to do so is to have the Slayers killed, which would feed the demon enough power to bring him forth into the world. Meanwhile, Willow ends up in the hospital with major brain trauma while Giles figures they need answers from the Watcher of the Slayer that preceded Buffy, India Cohen.
  Rating: 4.5/5
  Review: I almost gave this book a 5 on 5 but decided against it because there were numerous bits in this book that seemed completely disjointed (though barely noticeable for the light readers out there). Anyway, it's a pretty damn good idea for a novel and while Nancy Holder has never been one of my favorites out of the Buffy writers out there, she did a MUCH better job in this novel. Though bear in mind that the beginning feels like she's trying too hard to recreate the characters' personalities. Despite that though, she did a brilliant job with Faith. Faith's reactions and character traits were written almost flawlessly and I adored that (being the Faith fan that I am.) Plus it's nice to see Faith actually in a novel.

I loved the idea of the axes and that Cordelia and Willow became possessed by old Slayers that had died. Though that India girl just kept dying for the sake of love (over and over), like, get a grip and try something different. Sheesh.

This book is definitely worth the read, so if you get a chance, pick it up (I'm partial to the hardcover version of it) and enjoy!

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