Buffy X-Posed

Buffy X-Posed
The Unauthorized Biography of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her On-Screen Character

-Written by Ted Edwards
-208 Pages

  Summary: A biography on Sarah Michelle Gellar and short ones on the rest of the cast. Episode guide for seasons 1 and 2 which has a rating and commentary. Web site listing at the back and mentions to other shows about vampires.
  Rating: 3/5
  Review: My biggest beef with this book is that they put a picture of Jessica Biel (some girl on 7th Heaven) in the place where Drusilla should have been and claimed that it was a picture of Juliet Landau. Umm... hello? Getting the distinct feeling that the writer of this book doesn't really watch the show. But of course, it could just have been a printing problem and has nothing to do with the author. Anyway, let's start ripping this book apart... okay... The episode guide is pretty good but the episode descriptions are way too short, the commentary on it though is good and it's nice to see a writer grade the episode on a scale. SMG's biography is well done and there are some really nice shots on this book. The part I didn't really like (aside from that picture issue) was the back of the book where they put all this nonsense about other shows. It might interest others but I really didn't have much of a desire to read up on other shows. Also, it had a listing of internet sites was really nice to see as people are getting credit for putting up such wonderful sites.
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