Bite Me!

Bite Me!
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

-Written by Nikki Stafford
-196 Pages
-October 1998

  Summary: Episode commentary for Seasons 1 and 2, biography on Sarah Michelle Gellar and smaller bios on the rest of the cast. Some internet sites listed, a section on the first Posting Board Party and some pictures.
  Rating: 3/5
  Review: Actually pretty good. The bios are of course a rehash of everything and nothing really sticks out about them but the internet sites was a nice section as was the Posting Board Party section which (for those who hadn't been there) was nice to read about (as well as some pictures from the party). I liked the episode guide because the episodes were reviewed and not summarized and there are some nice comments about each episode like the highlights and the best pop culture reference. Aside from the bios it's a really good book.