Original Air Date: February 25, 2003

Written by Jane Espenson
Directed by Marita Grabiak


    We start off in Andrew's imaginary world, where he's sitting by a fire place, enjoying a good book while he talks to his "gentle viewers." His goal is to tell the story of Buffy, slayer of the vampires. He recounts the adventure he had with Buffy in the cemetery where he was filming the all the fight scenes, despite the fact that Buffy didn't want to be filmed. Andrew is suddenly snapped back into reality when Anya opens the door on him; he was busy filming himself in the bathroom while everyone else needs to use it. She yanks him out of there and tells him that she thinks his story is pointless because they all figure they're probably going to die anyway. Andrew continues with his story anyway, demonstrating for the camera a big board he's drawn, showing the Hellmouth, the high school, the First and the Bringers, explaining all the problems they're causing.

    The next morning, Andrew takes to filming the potential slayers while they're eating breakfast. He goes through a hysterical slow motion montage of Buffy, Spike and Anya but then stops when Buffy complains about him filming yet again. Buffy seems to be the only one that thinks Andrew's video montages are idiotic. She suddenly starts in on another one of her speeches while Andrew walks off because he figures her speeches are way too long. He begins to tell the video camera a bit about his past and how he used to be a super villain. He pans back to Buffy, wondering if she's done her speech yet and he notices how bored even Willow appears to be. He then thinks back to last year when Willow went evil, except his version is a little different, changing it so that he deflected Willow's power with his own magic.

    Buffy goes to school only to find two students fighting in the hall, she jumps in to stop them, ushering them on to class. She then notices a girl who's becoming invisible and has to smack her in order to bring her back. Everywhere Buffy goes, students are panicking, fighting or crying. She finds Robin in the office and he can't figure out what's going on, except she knows that everything the students are feeling are actually coming true because the Hellmouth is influencing them all. Buffy figures that it's the symbol in the basement that's causing the increase in bad vibes. Back at the Summers' home, Andrew is interviewing Xander and Anya and starts off by asking about their failed wedding much to their surprise. In the school basement, Buffy tells Robin that she had a vision of all kinds of ubervamps underneath that seal. He steps onto the seal, trying to study it when he suddenly becomes possessed and starts swearing at Buffy. But as soon as he steps off he becomes depossessed. Realizing that they need to close this symbol up, Buffy decides to talk to Andrew who may be able to help, seeing as how he was the one to get it going in the first place. Meanwhile, Anya and Xander are finally confessing that they still love each other, though they don't know if that means anything anymore. Buffy and Robin return home to find Andrew and tell him that he has to work the mojo on the symbol. Meanwhile, several students have entered the basement and circle around the symbol. As they lift their hands above it, a bright light emanates from the center of the seal.

    Flashback - Mexico, 2002 - Andrew and Jonathan are asleep and having nightmares about the First Evil and the powers it has. Snapped back into the present, Willow tells Andrew to concentrate on the crystal, which will help him bring out his past memories. Andrew concentrates once again, and as Jonathan heads off the washroom, the First Evil appears to Andrew in the form of Warren. He asks Andrew if he got the knife he needed, which Andrew did. Warren then tells him if he kills Jonathan, they'll all become gods. In the present, Willow realizes they need to see that knife, and Kennedy gets it where Andrew hid it: in the utensils drawer. The knife is imprinted with the demon language Tuwarick and Andrew translates it to say that the blood it spills is consecrated to the oldest evil. Willow does some quick research, and Buffy decides to bring Andrew to the symbol and see if he can talk to it.

    They arrive at the school to find it almost destroyed, kids are rioting everywhere. Andrew is still filming with his video camera, narrating the whole way. Buffy, Spike and Robin are attacked by students that they try fighting off. Spike and Robin try to maintain control upstairs while Buffy and Andrew go into the basement. Andrew then begins to recount his stabbing of Jonathan, changing his story twice to make him seem like the good guy. They find themselves at the seal, and it's surrounded by students. Meanwhile back at the Summers' home, Anya and Xander are in bed together after having made love. But they figure it was a last time deal. Back at the school, Robin tries to stake Spike but is suddenly attacked by a student, preventing him from doing the deed. Buffy scares off the students in the basement after fighting with them briefly. She's left alone with Andrew and they begin to circle around the seal. Buffy tells Andrew that the seal only knows blood and that the blood of the person who first spilled the blood of another on the seal can close it down. Buffy tells Andrew to stop making excuses and to stop making stories where no one is responsible for their evil deeds. She angrily attacks him verbally, telling him he murdered his friend and in the future people are going to die, probably him, probably right now. She grabs him and holds him over the seal as Andrew begins to cry. He doesn't feel he'll redeem himself if he dies. He knew that Warren was controlling him too much and he's terrified that he's going to die. As his tears fall onto the seal, it closes up and Andrew realizes that Buffy wasn't really going to stab him, but that the seal just needed his tears to close it up.

    Later on, back at home, Andrew confesses to the camera that he killed his best friend and with the big fight coming up, he doesn't know what's going to happen. Or even if he'll live through it. Realizing he's had enough with stories, he turns the camera off.

Summary written by Nika


Quote of the Week

Anya: What are you doing? You've been in here for 30 minutes!
Andrew: Entertaining and educating.
Anya: Why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us?


My Rating



Nika's Review

Dear god, this is episode was so frigging funny. There is nothing about Tom Lenk's acting that I don't like. (oops, hello double negative. Ah well.)  He's just absolutely amazing and his character is unbelievably hysterical. The opening sequence? Buffy, slayer of the VAM-pires. And then the scenes where Warren, Andrew and Jonathan are leaping about the field yelling "We are gooooodds." Oh god, I just about died laughing. I love Andrew's different takes on actual events. Such as when he retells last year's finale, but suddenly he's the one deflecting Willow's power. And then at the end when he's describing to Buffy how he stabbed Jonathan and he yells "Get out of my heaaaaad!" Just priceless. I also liked how Andrew pointed out how long Buffy's speeches were and then eventually went back when she'd finished talking. That's exactly how I'm starting to feel about her "motivational" speeches.

Spike's smoking again this episode... and he was becoming more violent in this episode as well. Buffy had to tell him not to kill the students. Interesting... interesting...

One thing about the Xander and Anya sex thing... Last time Anya tried to get over Xander (back in Season 3), she slept with him. Now the same thing happened here. I wonder if we can expect them to get back together, even though they both said it felt like a last time deal.

One thing I really didn't like was why Andrew's tears cause the symbol to seal up. His stabbing of Jonathan didn't open the seal up, so therefore he's not the killer that got the seal open. Sure, there's the whole remorse thing... but I still don't get how that would affect the seal. Very weird.


Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Emma Caulfield
Michelle Trachtenberg
James Marsters
Adam Busch
Danny Strong
Tom Lenk
Iyari Limon
Sarah Hagan
DB Woodside
Alan Loayza
Corin Amber Norton
Sujaia DeChoudhury
TW Leshner
  Buffy Summers
Xander Harris
Willow Rosenberg
Principal Wood
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