The Harsh Light of Day

Original Air Date: October 19, 1999

Written by Jane Espenson
Directed by James A. Contner


Dingoes Ate My Baby are playing at the Bronze that night. Willow and Buffy are sitting at a table and Buffy's busy admiring Parker. Even though Buffy's been with him all week, she doesn't want to go over and crowd him. Parker drops by their table and says he'll walk her home because Sunnydale isn't really safe. When Dingoes Ate My Baby have finished their set, Willow helps them pack everything into Oz's van. Devon's excited about their gig in LA later that week. Devon and Oz go back in the Bronze leaving Willow alone. Harmony stops by and Willow's happy to see her until she vamps out and begins to bite Willow's neck. Oz comes back out and fends Harmoney off with a cross. She leaves but not before saying that her boyfriend is going to very mad. On the way to the dorm, Buffy and Parker discuss hobbies and Parker asks her to go with him to a frat party the next day, she accepts happily. Over at Giles' house, Xander is shelfing books for money. Anya drops in to discuss their relationship. Xander's a little shocked because they've only ever been on one date. Back at the dorm, Willow and Oz inform Buffy that Harmony's a vamp. Underground somewhere, Harmony joins her boyfriend, who just so happens to be Spike. Apparently Spike is tunneling underground in search of a crypt. Harmony is at his side, being rather pesky, he's frustrated with her but promises to take her to a party tonight.

Later at the party, Bif Naked is playing live. Buffy and Parker are walking around when they spot Spike and Harmony. Shocked Buffy runs after Spike when he tries to get away. Buffy has a quick fight with Spike. Harmony shows up and starts blabbing about the gem of Imara. Spike, utterly frustrated, roughly leads Harmony away. Buffy calls Giles and tells him about Spike and the gem of Imara and then she heads back to the party. Over at Xander's, Anya drops in and then proceeds to drop her clothes; much to Xander's shock. She says that if they have sex, she'll forget him easier. Xander's still shocked but he goes ahead with the plan. Back at the party, Buffy finds Parker and apologizes for running off. They have a couple slow dances and a couple long kisses that eventually lead to Parker's room where they make love. The next day, Buffy wakes up in Parker's room, he says his mom is coming to visit today but he'll call her later. Buffy heads back to her dorm to find Willow and Giles researching. Giles says the crypt is somewhere in Sunnydale and he'll try to pinpoint where it. After Giles' leaves, Willow questions Buffy about her night. They're both excited for Buffy.

Meanwhile, Spike has found the crypt. Buffy and Willow head into research; they show a picture of Harmony to everyone asking if they've seen her, Buffy keeps checking her answering machine but there's never any messages from Parker and she's starting to get depressed. Spike enters the crypt and begins searching for the gem. Harmony ends up finding it for him and Spike leaves the crypt to go play in the sun. The gem will keep him safe from the sun and render him invincible. Buffy is walking around campus when she spots Parker chatting up another girl. None too pleased, Buffy asks what's going on. Parker explains that their having sex was just a fun time, not a commitment. Parker then walks off. Buffy suddenly hears Spike, she's shocked to see him outside during the day but she goes into fight mode immediately. She manages to stake him but when she pulls the stake out, Spike's wound heals. Buffy figures it's the gem that's keeping him safe. Spike taunts her about Angel, she becomes furious and pummels him. She manages to yank off the ring and he begins to smoke. He quickly run for cover in the nearest manhole. Buffy brings back the ring to Giles and her friends. She wants to give the ring to Angel. Oz says that since he has a gig in LA, he could give the ring to Angel.

Willow and Buffy are on their way home and Buffy's saying that every time she sleeps with a guy he turns out bad. Willow says it's okay to make mistakes, so long as you learn from them.

Summary written by Nika

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Quote of the Week

Xander: Whoa! Giles has a tv! Everybody! Giles has a tv! He's shallow like us!
Oz: I have to admit; I'm disappointed.

My Rating


Nika Summers' Review

Everything in this episode finally made me feel like everything has dropped back into place. I'm more comfortable with the UC Sunnydale Campus and everything around it. My only problem with the entire UC Sunnydale thing is; I thought Sunnydale was a very small town. How is it possible that the Sunnydale campus is within walking distance of the Bronze? And if Buffy is so close to home, then why is she staying in a dorm? It would make a lot more sense for her to stay at home and the cost for university would be a lot less if she didn't haev to pay for rooming fees. I understand that this is a tv show but they at least sound have made the school campus a hell of a lot farther away. Another thing that really bothered me with this episode was that Buffy slept with someone so quickly. I just honestly couldn't understand this. With Angel, buffy had spent a great dela of time with him and she knew him pretty well and she waited a while until they had sex. But with Parker it was like a one week deal and then she decides that it's okay to sleep with Parker. I'm sorry but that did not strike me as how Buffy treats relationships. And how could Buffy so easily forget Angel? She hasn't even mentioned his name once this season! Meanwhile, Angel is over on his show mourning losing her. Anyway; the bright sides of this episode; I liked the return of Spike, he always makes the show great. Harmony was pretty cool, though she's no match for Dru. Willow's enthusiasm for Buffy was great and it really made me smile to see how much she cared for Buffy. As for Parker; well, he's just a poophead.

Niki Bartl's Review

Buffy is finally returning to where it should be; the comfort area. I can recognize Buffy's dorm and the pathways they walk and well, the good old familiar Bronze. I wish there was one of those in my town, but I digress. Hmm, yay Spike's back. And that scene with him and Harmony? Hello, wish I was there. Although I do have some issues with him and Harmony, I wish she had been staked. I do miss Dru, who looks like she's not coming back, but since I'm not on the inner "Buffy" circle, I don't really know. I wish Anya kept her hair blond, although she is a welcome presence, at least in my opinion. Xander does need to get some real lovin', and I hope Anya is the person to give it to him. I thought I had the ring all figured out: Spike finds it, Buffy takes it, gives it to Angel, since this was a crossover episode, so if you want to see my continuing review, check out Nika's Angel website (plug - it's really wicked). So while this episode was nice, the plotline didn't really come as a surprise as soon as we found out that the ring makes you invincible.


Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Seth Green
Anthony Stewart Head
James Marsters
Emma Caulfield
Mercedes McNab
Adam Kaufman
Jason Hall
  Buffy Summers
Xander Harris
Willow Rosenberg
Rupert Giles
Harmony Kendall
Parker Abrams