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A young black girl arrives in Sunnydale via the bus, only to be greeted by Bringers who attempt to kill her. Fortunately, Buffy shows up and kills all three of them before they can dispose of the new Slayer in Training. Shocked, the new potential, named Rona, mutters that she thought she was going to be safe here while Buffy welcomes her to the Hellmouth. That night, Willow tries to get comfy on the floor while Kennedy tries her best to get Willow into her bed with her. Willow insists she's comfortable, just restless about Buffy being out at night. Kennedy shares with Willow some of her home experiences and tries to get Willow to discuss her magic. Downstairs, Molly tells the new Slayers in Training, Chloe, Vi and Eve, how Annabelle was killed by the Turok-Han. Buffy and Rona finally come home, welcomed by Giles and Anya. Anya tried to find out some information from her demon sources but none of them would tell her anything. Giles then brings up Beljox's Eye, while Anya insists that they shouldn't use that source because it lives in an internal vortex.

Meanwhile, Spike is still chained to a wall in his prison. He manages to escape and sees Buffy approaching him... when he's suddenly pulled back into reality from his daydream where the First Evil impersonates Buffy, taunting Spike with nasty thoughts. He continues to mutter to himself that the real Buffy will come to save him. Overhearing Spike's mutterings she walks right up to him and tells him that no, she won't come for him. Outside in some back alley, Anya tries to get her old demon sex-fling to open the portal to Beljox's Eye, but it's finally Giles who gets the demon to open the portal. They enter a windy dimension where a grotesque mass of eyeballs stares down at them. Back at the Summers' home, Willow gets a phone call from the coven back in England who informs of some very important news. Willow runs in to the other run to inform Buffy and Xander that another potential Slayer arrived in town about two days ago and she's at the Sunspot Motel. Buffy and Xander head out to get her.

In the basement, some of the potential Slayers are training while others are questioning what they're doing here. Eve tries to convince them that none of them are ready or prepared for this but Kennedy tries to give them some sort of hope. Buffy and Xander discover the potential Slayer dead in the rented room. Buffy turns her over and recognizes the dead body as Eve. Realizing what's happened, Buffy and Xander rush home. Upstairs, Andrew and Dawn are arguing about Andrew's usefulness when Buffy and Xander rush in and head straight to the basement. Buffy forcefully tells Eve, whom the First Evil has been impersonating, to get out. The First Evil leaves, but not before telling them that she'll be sending the Turok-Han to visit them tonight.

Meanwhile, Giles tries to get more info from the Beljox's Eye, wondering why the First Evil is only trying to kill the Slayer line now. The Eye tells him that the Slayer was the one that altered the path and allowed the First Evil to destroy them. Back at the Summer's house, Buffy tries to get the potential Slayers to calm down while they mutter bitterly about their luck. They continue to bicker on and on while Buffy, Willow and Xander leave the room quietly and head into the kitchen.  Back in the cave, the First Evil sends off the Turok-Han and Bringers to Buffy's house. The Bringers surround the house while Buffy hands out weapons to everyone inside. Willow tests out her plans for a magical barrier to stop the Turok-Han. When the Turok-Han knocks down the door, Willow throws up the barrier but it's too strong for her. Buffy tells everyone to run and they all head out the backdoor of the house.

Giles and Anya finally leave the vortex and they discuss what just happened. Giles says it's not because Buffy died, it's because she lives now. Anya then blames herself and the rest of the group that raised Buffy from the dead. The gang, being pursued by the Turok-Han, run out into the street. Buffy tells the group to get gone and Xander leads them off somewhere while Buffy throws a jar of holy water at the Turok-Han and fights him off. She tries to lead him away but he disappears suddenly. Xander leads the group to the site of the new public library, which is currently under construction. Kennedy spots the Turok-Han, but Buffy isn't far behind it. She stands atop a platform and taunts the Turok-Han while the others climb up onto a platform, ready to watch. Buffy flips down from her platform, telling the super vampire that she's thing that monsters have nightmares about. They begin fighting violently, both of them taking severe blows. Up top on the platform, Dawn realizes that Willow, Buffy and Xander had this all planned in order for the potential Slayers to gain a little faith in Buffy. Buffy managed to shoot a crossbow bolt into the Turok-Han, but it has no effect on him. They continue fighting up onto a platform. He lifts her up by the neck until she grabs the crossbow bolt from it's chest and shoves it into it's eye, blinding him. He's disoriented and she begins to wail on him, beating him down, she finally gets some barbed wire around it's neck and pulls hard, yanking it's head right off of it's neck while the demon bursts into dust. Now with the demon out of the way, Buffy goes to the cave and frees Spike from his chains and helps him walk away from his cavernous prison.

Summary written by Nika


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Anya: You're rejecting my offer of sexual pleasure? What am I? A leper in this town? I can't even give it away!


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Nika's Review

Great episode. While I can't say I liked the Turok-Han disappearing so quickly, I did enjoy the fact that Buffy managed to kill him off. A lot of people have been going around saying that the fight was almost too easy for Buffy. Yeah right. She took numerous amounts of hits. And when you take into consideration that she hadn't had three days of sleep the first time she fought him, then you'll understand why this battle was easier. She HAD had sleep. So the first time she faced him, her energy was drained quite a bit.

The Beljox's Eye thing was interesting. It mentioned that something happened with the Slayer that caused the First Evil to begin destroying the Slayers. Now the first assumption would be that it was Buffy's resurrection which caused this. However, that's far too easy to consider. I think it's got to do with Faith. There have been numerous references to her throughout the past couple of episodes. I think Faith's killing of humans changed the way the Slayer line is supposed to be. She brought some sense of evil in the line of Slayer, which is supposed to be all about goodness for the people. So maybe it's her fault that the First Evil has come to kill them all. I could be wrong, but it's an interesting thought.

Rona's ANNOYING. Good lord, could that kid bitch any more about her situation? Alright, I get that it's a pretty dire situation, but she could learn to grow a pair because whining really isn't going to get her out of the situation. Kennedy on the other hand is loads of fun. She's hitting on Willow, which is above and beyond hysterical, she knows how to use her weapons and she's not as whiny as the others. That girl gets major props from me, and I really hope we see lots of her. I'm glad Eve got canned. Any more of her accent and I'd be willing to drive down and stake her myself. Since the Turok-Han is gone, I'm kind of curious as to where they're going to be heading with the demonic side of things.


Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Emma Caulfield
Michelle Trachtenberg
James Marsters
Anthony Stewart Head
Tom Lenk
Iyari Limon
Clara Bryant
Amanda Fuller
Camden Toy
Felicia Day
  Buffy Summers
Xander Harris
Willow Rosenberg
Rupert Giles