Action Figures

Military Xander - Series 3

Sculpted by Dene Mason & Curt Chiarelli

General Info
A repainted variant Xander figure. Based on the Season episode Halloween when the gang became their costumes. Comes only on card.

Xander is wearing a green shirt and button up shirt with camouflage pants and black shoes. He comes with a custom graveyard base, an M16 rifle, axe and stakes.

Buying Info
Ebay is your only bet now. Goes for roughly $20 - $25.

 The Good It's a paint, but at least they gave him camouflage pants and a new accessory (the M16 rifle).

The Bad

Again with the hands, sealed shut. There's no way he's holding that M16.

Honestly though, this is kind of a boring figure, which is why I've got next to nothing to say about it.