Action Figures

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Sculpted by Clayburn Moore and Andrew Jaume

General Info
Originally sold through Another Universe as an exclusive. Comes only on card.

A repaint job on a Regular Series 1 Willow. She's wearing a dark blue shirt with yellow trim, red pants and blue and white sneakers. *Note* Willow has never worn this outfit on an episode of BtVS before. Comes with two books, laptop, backpack and standard logo base.

Buying Info
Sold out on Moore's site as well as It originally sold for $14.95, but there's not much of a chance that you'll find it for under $40 now. Try Ebay -- prices are high and they range from $40-$60.

 The Good Colourful repaint. Always love variants too.

The Bad

Kind of... well garish would be the word, especially since I doubt Willow would ever wear anything like this. No new accessories either.

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