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SERIES 5 - Transformation Willow

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Limited Edition Transformation Willow from Diamon Select. Supposed to be hard to get a hold of, which it is... in stores.

Willow is wearing a green and black meshy shirt with blue jeans from the episode Wrecked. She comes with Regular Willow accessories and a pentagram fake wood base.

Buying Info
I have yet to see this figure actually in stores, probably because they sell off the shelves pretty past, but there's a lot of people selling them on Ebay right now and due to the influx of them you can probably get it for a decently cheap price, around $20 or less (USD.)

 The Good The black eyes are a neat idea and I love that they made a figure from Wrecked. The hair looks lot better straightened out, which is a huge stepup from the Regular Willow Figure.

LOVE the accents on the shirt, definitely adds to figure.

The pictures I've included make the figure look like it's REALLY sad. It doesn't come off that way in person.

The Bad

No new accessories. Boooo.