Action Figures

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SERIES 5 - Regular Willow

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Willow based on her Season 5 appearance. Thank heavens Diamond Select Toys stepped in to aid with the production and manufacture of these Willow figures otherwise they would never have hit the market.

Willow is wearing a long sleeve purple shirt overtop a pink shirt. She's also wearing blue jeans and comes with a wooden-look base, twice books and two small bottles.

Buying Info
These are surprisingly hard to find and in short supply. I'd say go straight to Ebay to find these figures. Prices aren't too bad for the moment, but don't pay more than $25 USD (and that's a bit much to be honest.)

 The Good A new Willow figure! The paint on the jeans is done amazingly well. As well the colours used throughout the whole figure are pretty vibrant.

The accessories, though there aren't many of them, fit in nicely with the rest of the Buffyverse accessories throughout the action figure series.

The Bad

I find this figure to be truly hideous. The resemblances to Alyson Hannigan are non-existent and the figure looks like it was mashed together in order to meet some sort of final deadline.

The shirts just look dirty. I don't know what they did, but despite the bright appearance they look kind of soiled.

Frankly... I find the piece truly ugly.