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SERIES 5 - Dark Willow

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Cinequest exclusive Dark Willow.

Willow is all decked out in her outfit from Two To Go and Grave. And they got it right down to the last detail: dark blue/black flared shirt, black pants, black hair, veins in the face and her fingers outstretched. Comes with black pentagram base, blue flame, a bottle and the magic book she drained into herself.

Buying Info
Not hard to get a hold of yet, try That's where I got mine from and it arrived within days. Prices are a little steeper for this figure, so don't expect to pay chump change for it.

 The Good Yet another excellent from this series 5 release of figures. Once again the details are perfect and I'm loving how the fingers are outstretched so it looks like she's about to cast a spell. The blue flame is neat, and she can hold it decently well if you place it the right way.

The base is the same as all the others but it's a repaint, which is kind of nice.

The veins really add to the figure's face as well. I just wish they'd spent this much attention to detail on every other series of figures like they have with this set.

The Bad

That stupid blue flame can take hours to place properly so that it'll sit up properly. Argh.