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 WILLOW - Series 1

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore and Andre Jaume

General Info
Season 1 Willow hair with a Season 2 outfit. Comes only on card.

Willow has her long hairstyle from Season 1 but wears an outfit that she wore in Season 2's Halloween episode: a white shirt with colourful designs and blue jeans with red sneakers. She comes with a backpack, two text books, a laptop and a standard series 1 base.

Buying Info
No longer available in stores nor on Moore's site. Ebay is the place to look, and like the Angel figure, you'll pay roughly $30-$40 for this figure.

 The Good The cutest figure. It has Willow's long hair and the features are a pretty close ringer for Alyson Hannigan.

The outfit is unbelievably well done. If you take a look at the closeup shots on the right, you can see the detail that went in to the shirt. Extremely miniscule detail. Same goes for the pants and shoes.

The figure is easy to stand up and you don't have to worry too much about positioning.

The accessories are the best ones yet. The two textbooks are perfect and one even has Willow's name written on it. As well, the laptop opens and closes to reveal a screen and keyboard.

The Bad

Other than the base, there isn't anything to say. This is an all around well done figure.