Action Figures

OZ - Series 2

Sculpted by Dene Mason

General Info
Also available in two variant forms. Comes only on card.

Oz is wearing a greay t-shirt with an imprint of a baby on it and the words "Sweet J". Blue jean pants and black shoes with flames on them. He comes with a guitar, amplifier, extra set of hands, two pistol crossbows and a custom graveyard base.

Buying Info
Not in stores anymore, but you can buy it from for $12.95. You can also find it on Ebay for roughly $15.

 The Good Awesome likeness to Seth Green, and I really like that they made his hair the orange colour that he had frequently on the show. (I just wasn't a fan of the dark brown, even though that IS on a variant figure.)

The base is really neat, I especially like the chain that wraps around the tombstone, and, get this, there's a little lock that opens and closes for the little chain to connect to. The guitar and amp for it is really neat and the guitar sits perfectly on Oz's shoulder.

There are two sets of hands, so if you want to position him to hold weapons, then you can (as opposed to having him hold his guitar.)

The t-shirt is frigging hilarious too, the picture of that baby is just absolutely priceless.

The Bad

Nothing really, there's no bad here.