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THE MASTER - Series 1

Sculpted by Victor Kane

General Info
The Master, Season 1's vampire villain. Available only on card.

Decked out in his vampiric visage, the Master is wearing a black leather suit. Comes with two candlesticks dripping wax and a standard base logo.

Buying Info
It might be available in some stores because no one wants to own this figure. If you buy it on Ebay, do NOT spend over $7-$10 for it because it's usually available for a great deal less than that.

 The Good Ummm the candlesticks are nice?

The black outfit isn't bad, it's shaped nicely and looks like it could've been real leather.

The Bad

Hideous figure. And not in a good way. It doesn't really look like the Master. For crying out loud, it looks like this vampire has a tan. The Master was a LOT paler, had a red ring around his mouth (fruit punch mouth remember?) and NEVER stood the way he's positioned. 

The figure doesn't stand well and the legs tend to crumble underneath him every time you stand him up. He can't stand on his own.

The candlesticks are boring and it's the ONLY accessories he comes with. Be careful with them though, they break easily.

Oh yeah... and the logo base, who could forget that?

Simply put: the worst figure out there.