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Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Basically a repaint of the previous Spike figure.

Spike is wearing his infamous leather duster complete with white shirt, leather pants and blue shirt. These figures come boxed only. Limited to 5000 figures worldwide.

Buying Info
IKON really good screwed over with this one. It was supposed to be an exclusive to their Australian store... but then it looked like just about every place possible was selling these figures. This forced the price down. Don't ever pay more than $30 for these figured. I'd recommend getting them around $20 USD. And most online stores still sell them because they can't see to get rid of their stock.

 The Good It's nice to have a rerelease of the Spike figures. Especially since buggers like me never got around to buying them when the original figures came out.

I'm glad they chose colours (the light green for the base and the blue shirt) that weren't close to the same of the original figure.

Extremely well sculpted. Spike's cheekbones so closely resembles James Marster's that it makes this figure one of the best ones in the entire series of Buffy action figures.

The Bad

It's just a repaint and they were originally trying to sell them at $40. Ridiculous, just ridiculous. However since the price has dropped due to the flooding of the market with these figures, I guess it's not so bad.

No new accessories. Bah.