Action Figures

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Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Basically a repaint of the previous Buffy figure.

Buffy is wearing a blue tank top and a leather jacket overtop as well as skin tight black pants. These figures come boxed only. Limited to 5000 figures worldwide.

Buying Info
IKON really got screwed over with this one. It was supposed to be an exclusive to their Australian store... but then it looked like just about every place possible was selling these figures. This forced the price down. Don't ever pay more than $30 for these figured. I'd recommend getting them around $20 USD. And most online stores still sell them because they can't see to get rid of their stock.

 The Good A complete repaint plus a leather jacket is pretty cool. The colours are pretty nice, but that tombstone looks kinda sketchy to me. 

Extremely well sculpted. And Buffy works better with the short hair on these figures.

The Bad

That jacket is hideous. There's no two ways about it. The thing is hideously bulky and an all around pain in the ass. If only they hadn't made that cuff at the top.

Enough with repaints... how about a NEW Buffy figure?