Action Figures

GILES - Series 2

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Pretty easy to find since no one seems to want this figure. Comes only on card.

Giles is wearing a white stripes shirt with a light grey vest overtop and a red tie. Grey pants and black shoes. He comes with a custom graveyard base, the Du Lac cross, Bag, Vampyr book and an axe.

Buying Info
Try Ebay or local comic book stores, because apparently no one wants to own this figure. Expect to pay roughly $10 for it. Try, they're selling it for $12.95.

 The Good The has to be one of the neatest figures, even though you'd think it'd be kind of boring because it is Giles. But seriously... he's sculpted immaculately well and the resemblance to Anthony Stewart Head is astonishing. Plus he's all set up in a cool position. Nicely done.

The accessories are absolutely awesome. Get this, he comes with the Du Lac cross that actually pulls apart to reveal the knife inside. How cool is that? He also has the Vampyr book that has writing on the inside and a little picture of a demon.

As well, his base looks absolutely amazing. It's the best gravestone in the whole of Series 2, plus the gravestone has a nice quote from Giles on it.

The Bad

Nothing, seriously. This is one awesome figure.