Action Figures

Gentleman (Straight Head) - Series 4

Sculpted by Jeremy Bush

General Info
These guys look a lot better when you have both figures, otherwise it's kind of stupid looking. So this is one half of a set.

The gentleman is hanging in midair with his hands crossed in front of his stomach. He's wearing a black suit with black pants.

Buying Info
I was actually able to find a set of the gentlemen, carded, in store, a year after it's actual release. However, that's very unlikely. The pieces seem to go for a decently high price on Ebay. So expect around $30 for each, but you can sometimes get them together for roughly $50 on there.

 The Good They float! The gentlemen float! Well okay, not really but they plug into a peg on the clock and it makes them look like they're floating.

The accessories are brilliant. The bottle's top comes right off and there's even a little heart that you can poke at with the tongs.  There's also exchangeable hands for gripping those tools if you want to set them up like that.

The sculpting job on this is done amazingly well. I particularly like the henchman; excellent attention to detail.

I love the two piece clock background. It's very different from the rest of the bases for any of the other series. I really like how they line up together.

The Bad

The set of figures have the same freaking body. The only difference is that one head is tilted and the other is straight. The henchmen are also exact duplicates of each other. Nice way to save money for MAC, but not really all that pleasing to the consumers.