Action Figures


Sculpted by James Stapp and Andre Jaume

General Info
The figure is based on Drusilla's appearance in Season 2. Comes only on card.

Drusilla is wearing a white corset with straps and a long flowing white skirt that has bloody stains on it. She comes with a skull base and her accessories are a doll, a black rose, a bloodied knife and a little jar.

Buying Info
This variant is really common, since no one really seems to want it all that much. A lot of places will have it on sale because they're trying to get rid of it. Easily buyable on Ebay for really cheap prices.

 The Good I have to say I like the variant a whole lot better than the original. The vampiric features are extremely well shaped and the hair is sculpted impeccably. Absolutely gorgeous.

The outfit, even though not accurate to any particular episode, looks a lot better in white because you can see the details better. The bloodstains on the skirt, as well as the splattering on the chest really add a gruesome effect.

The base is different from the others, nicely sculpted and a real change from everything else. Nice to see a little variation.

The accessories are the same, they've just had a repaint done to them to make them a little more sadistic.

The Bad

The only parts that move on this are the arms, the neck and the waist, the skirt legs are totally immobile. Which is pretty understandable.