Action Figures

DRUSILLA - Series 4

Sculpted by James Stapp and Sculpt This

General Info
The figure is based on Drusilla's appearance in Season 2. Comes only on card.

Drusilla is wearing a red corset with straps and a long flowing black skirt. She comes with a skull base and her accessories are a doll, a red rose, a  knife and a little jar.

Buying Info
Easy to find because no one wants it. Roughly $10 on Ebay.

 The Good A decent looking figure I suppose. The corset is nicely done and the detail is immaculate.

Love the base as well as the accessories, however, she doesn't really look right holding any of them.

The doll is a cute touch, the details on it are incredibly precise.

The Bad

The features on the face are horrid. They don't even really look like Drusilla. Plus the hair is done so oddly that it looks like she has a rectangular box for a face.

The stance is a little odd and she just doesn't look "right".