Action Figures

CORDELIA - Series 3

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Just a generic Cordelia figure, based on her look through the first three seasons of BtVS.

Cordelia is wearing a lilac-coloured ensemble made up of a tank top and a miniskirt. Her hair hands down around her shoulders and she comes with a custom graveyard base. Her accessories include a cell phone that flips open and shut, a bag, a purse and a stake.

Buying Info
You can still find these in stores if you're lucky. They originally sold for $12.95 in stores and on MAC's web site. MAC is sold out now, but you can still find it on Ebay for a decent price; roughly $15-$20.

 The Good I really like this figure, and it's totally typical of Cordelia. In everything; the stance, the accessories (how COOL is that flippy cellphone???) and the clothing. The hair is a pretty good rendition as well.

I'd say this was the best body copy for the actors. It's pretty accurate, right down to Charisma's well muscles legs. The clothing is formed perfectly around the figure.

The face is almost a dead ringer as well.

And I particularly like this gravestone base.

The Bad

The legs are in the worst possible position. Even though it LOOKS cool, it causes a LOT of problems for the figure to stand up straight. Even when it's standing on the two pegs. It's really frustrating because my damn figure keeps falling over.