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Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Extremely rare and hard to find. Was originally sold through Moore's site as an exclusive at a relatively low price ($12.95). Comes both carded and in a box.

Buffy has the same head as she did in the regular figure from this series and she's still wearing the brown leather jacket with a cross around her neck. Except this time she's wearing her long white Spring Fling dress from the episode Prophecy Girl. She comes with two stakes, knife, crossbow and a standard series 1 logo base.

Buying Info
If you find it in a store that doesn't try to sell you it for $100 then consider yourself lucky. This is one of the most coveted pieces right now and near impossible to find at a decent price. If you're buying it on Ebay, the lowest you might find this figure is for $40, but it's likely going to cost you double that. Also, the ones on card cost significantly more than the box versions because they're even more rare.

 The Good Really beautiful to have in your collection and it's a pretty close replica of the original dress. Plus it's super easy to stand up since it's one big block of plastic (the skirt doesn't move at the waist) and I happen to like that. You don't have to worry about it falling over!

The jacket was a nice touch, however I found have preferred if it wasn't on the figure. However, for easy resculpting purposes, I can understand why they left it on.

Anyway, it's certainly a gorgeous figure and extremely sought after.

The Bad

Must I even mention the base? Didn't think so. But there's another interesting aspect about this figure base. The base of this figure is hollow, which is kind of awkward because that means the figure can't attach to the peg provided. Weird, I know.

The colours in the skirt aren't as light as the top part, which kind of bothers me, considering her skirt was pure white in the episode, but here's they've made it look a little like a creamyish-brown (unlike what they'd lead you to believe from their promo shot. (see the top left picture)).

The price for it is hideous now due to the fact that you can barely find it anywhere, expect to pay an arm and a leg.