Action Figures

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Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
These were not to be sold out to anyone because the manufacturers printed out the wrong colour, brown instead of blonde, on the Regular Buffy. They were never officially sanctioned as a variant, but I'd say this would be one hell of a collector's piece.

Buffy is wearing the same outfit from Regular Seris 1 Buffy but this time she has brown hair instead of blonde.

Buying Info
Only on Ebay and, though it's cinequest trying to sell them on Ebay. Anyway, on Ebay they're a whopping price of $150 each (opening bids) and Cinequest will sell them to you on their site for $200.

 The Good Another variant! And one hell of an exclusive one too.

The Bad

Horrid price.

Not sure how much you really want Buffy with brown hair.

Same outfit from Regular Series 1 Buffy.