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MAC BUFFY - Series 1

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
MAC Buffy, more commonly referred to as "Blue Jacket Buffy." It's a MAC exclusive that was originally only sold to Collectors Society Members. Comes only on card.

Buffy is shaped in exactly the same way as Series 1 Regular Buffy but she has a repaint job in this variant. She's wearing a bright blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, black pants and black heeled boots. Comes with two stakes, dagger, crossbow and a standard logo base.

Buying Info
This is even more rare than the Prophecy Girl figure which is challenging enough to get! It was originally sold to members for $15.95, but, of course, it's currently sold out on Moore's site. Ebay auctions will have varying prices, but most sellers will try to sell it for around $80. You can generally get it for less, but it takes some serious looking.

 The Good Love the colours. I'm really glad they used Buffy's outfit from Welcome to the Hellmouth. 

There's not much to say about this figure considering that it's just a repaint, but it IS a great repaint and would make a great addition to everyone's collection (now if only I could get my hands on one!) I personally like this figure a lot more than the Regular Buffy. This just seems so much more like her (it's all in the clothes).

The Bad

The hair isn't right. In Welcome to the Hellmouth she had her hair up in a bun with wisps falling down in her face. Aside from that, there isn't much to say.

Also, the price, sickly amount to pay for only a repaint. Especially considering that her accessories aren't any different.