Action Figures


Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
These are pretty common; no longer found in stores, but easily accessible on Ebay. Available on card as well as the boxed version. The boxed version is more common so expect to pay more for the carded version. This was originally a Toyfare variant but is now sold out.

Buffy is wearing an a lilac coloured tank top with thin spaghetti straps and black pants with black heels. She has short, light blonde hair and comes on a custom graveyard base. Accessories include a sword, a knife, a hammer and two stakes.

Buying Info
Originally sold for $14.95 but you can get it on Ebay for roughly $20 now. There's a lot of people trying to sell it for $40, don't bother, just wait around because you can get pretty decent prices for this figure.

 The Good I love this figure a whole lot more than the series 2 regular Buffy. This one just looks a lot more like her. The hair is based on Buffy's season 2 hairstyle and it definitely makes this figure look more like Sarah Michelle Gellar. The colours are a lot more appropriate for Buffy too. I just can't emphasize how much better the hair looks on this figure in comparison to the first one.

This variant also has new weapons. I love the new sword, though it's kind of hard for the figure to hold. It also comes with a cool knife and a hammer.

The Bad

The nose... it doesn't look nearly as good as the Series 1 nose does. That's just one small nitpick though.