Action Figures

BUFFY - Series 2

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
These are pretty common; hard to find in stores, but easily accessible on Ebay. Sarah Michelle Gellar wasn't pleased with the first figure that was done, so for this one she had the sculptors do a headscan on her so that they could provide a more accurate representation. Comes only on card.

Buffy is wearing an outfit from Season 3: A black tanktop with red leather pants and black heels. She comes with a custom graveyard base that has a headstone with daises at the base. Comes with a pistol crossbow, two stakes, sickle blade and an axe.

Buying Info
Best try is on Ebay and you should be able to find it for roughly $15-$20 since they're relatively common. Try also, they're selling it for $12.95. 

 The Good The vibrant colours are the real standout. Especially after I disliked the colours from Series 1 Buffy this was a great change to see. The hair is lighter too and looks more like Buffy's hair would.

The base is amazing. I absolutely love this graveyard bases; they're steady and durable and have two pegs so that the figure can stand up easily.

The position that Buffy is molded into is loads better than the original figure, as well, it better represents Buffy herself.

The points of articulation (where the figure can twist and turn) are far more numerous and make for a highly moveable character.

The Bad

The face - I don't care if they did a headscan... it doesn't look good at all to me. There's something about it that's just far too long and narrow. Though I prefer the hair on this one, I still think the face looks kind of butchered.

The legs are kind of oddly shaped, almost as if she's wearing spandex pants instead of leather.