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 BUFFY - Series 1

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
Probably the most sought after figure when they were first released. It took me forever to find it at first. The figure is based on Buffy's Season 1 look and comes only on card.

Buffy sports a brown leather jacket (which was likely Angel's jacket originally) with a white shirt underneath, blue pants with a lighter blue paisley print and black heeled boots. She has Angel's cross necklace around her neck and comes with two stakes, a knife, a crossbow and a standard series one logo base.

Buying Info
Impossible to find in stores now, unless someone's been hording it away in their back room. It's also sold out on Moore's site so don't even bother looking there. Your best chances for finding it are on Ebay. Prices don't appear to be steep and you should be able to get it for $20 or less there.

 The Good I particularly like the hair, it's a tad on the multicoloured side but it represents Buffy's hair from Season 1 pretty accurately.

The face is done decently enough, if only the lips weren't so gosh darn HUGE. It almost looks like they used Angelina Jolie's mouth as a model. The resemblance isn't entirely accurate, but it's not difficult to figure out who you're looking at.

The jacket is really well done and the grooves are congruent to the form.

The figure can stand up on it's own, though the limbs are a little on the loose side. Also, the fingers grip really well, the right hand has a wider grip for which the crossbow can fit in nicely and the left one will easily fit a stake.

The colours aren't bad, if not a little somber. Could have used with some more life in it.

The Bad

The base is horrible. Like all the bases for the first series; they're a nasty cracked plate with the stylized B insignia. It's flimsy and doesn't add much to the character. Plus there's only one peg to hold your character up. The figure has a lot of problem standing with only the one peg and unless it's placed perfectly, it'll fall over every chance it gets. (Aggravating to say the least.)

The pants aren't from Season 1 (which the figure was based on). They come from episode 3 of Season 2 (School Hard). And personally, I can't stand the paisley pants. They just scream "ew" to me.