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ANGEL - Series 1

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore

General Info
The figure is based on Angel's season 1 look and comes only on card.

Angel is wearing a dark red shirt underneath a long black jacket. He's wearing black leather pants and simple black shoes. He comes with a Claddagh ring, sword and a standard logo base.

Buying Info
Also impossible to find in stores. It's also sold out on Moore's site so don't look there. Try Ebay, but it's a pricey figure. People have been paying roughly $30 to $40 for this one.

 The Good It's a striking resemblance and definitely the closest representation out of the entire of Series 1. The detail is really well done and the coat just flows.

The detail put in to the shirt and the belt buckle is really good. It's perfectly sculpted and fits really well with the character.

The figure can stand easily on it's own (largely due to the fact that it's legs can't really move all that much. It's extremely steady and durable.

The sword, nice idea, though I think it's taken from Season 2. However, still very nice to have.

The Bad

Highly immovable. The coat is strong plastic and there's very little rotation available, Angel can twist at the hips, but that's about it for his legs.

The Claddagh ring. What on earth were they thinking? It's big enough that you could wear it on your pinky finger but who wants to wear a weak plastic ring? And Angel can't wear it so it's kind of useless.

Again the base; ugly, ugly thing.