Action Figures

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General Info
Based on Tara's season four look from New Moon Rising.

Tara is wearing a multicoloured blue full-length dress covered by a grey cardigan with flowers. She comes with a plain fake wooden base, a bookcase, candle, book, a bag and a little potion bottle.

Buying Info
I found this one in stores and they don't seem to be selling out too fast. I suggest checking retail stores before buying online.

 The Good Good texturing on the cardigan and the colouring on the hair is neat. I'm glad they didn't decide to copy Amber's two-tone layered hair colour. So instead, they made her hair look streaked. Very good idea.

Neat accessories, and more than you normally see. The bookcase is a neat idea, even if it doesn't fit all that well on the platform.

The Bad

I really didn't figure out that Tara came with a bookcase until I fiddled with the square boxy thing for a good five minutes. Oops.

Hideous looking figure to be honest. The lipstick is a scary peachy-pink colour and the resemblance is practically nada. Very ugly.