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HUSH TARA - Series 6


General Info
Based on Tara's appearance in the Season 4 episode Hush.

Tara is wearing a brown jacket over a black shirt and a frayed jean skirt. She comes with a plain fake wooden base, a bookcase, candle, book, a bag and a little potion bottle.

Buying Info
I found this one in stores and they were selling like hot cakes. I recommend checking out stores before you try buying it online. The online prices for this figure seem to be absolutely wild.

 The Good Much better looking than the regular Tara. The colours on the outfit and on her face are a LOT better and make her look less like a whacked out Barbie (that was my impression of the regular Tara.)

All in all, just a much better figure than Regular Tara. If you had to pick between the two of them, buy this one.

The Bad

The acessories are the same, but that seems to happen with every variant.

Since Hush Taras are packed one to a box of Regular Taras they're apparently going to be harder to find. And pricier. I've seen this sucker sell for upwards of $40 USD. I somehow managed to luck in and got mine for under $20 CAD. I think I was super lucky though.