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ANYA - Series 6


General Info
Anya (not really sure which episode.)

Anya is wearing a cropped ruffly reddish top and a black skirt. She comes with a black and white checkered base, a stand for the cash register, a set of bill money, a little roll of coins and a register.

Buying Info
I bought this one in stores as well. Should be found for under $20.

 The Good

I'm loving the outfit, especially the top. The attention to ruffled details is amazing, although I'm really not that sure which episode this outfit is from. The hair is well done also, although the face is a bit off.

The cash register and little money pieces are slightly hysterical. Guaranteed you'll lose them pretty fast though... because damn those pieces are small.

The Bad

I don't know if it's just my figure or if every other one is the same but Anya tends to keel forward all the time. It's the way the left leg is set up. So basically my figure stands on a 45 degree angle all the time. I've had to prop her up with little piece in order to get her to stand erect.

I'm a little iffy about the face. Sometimes I think it's decent looking, and sometimes I think it doesn't resemble Emma at all.