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ANYANKA - Series 6

General Info
Anya in her demonic visage of Anyanka.

Anyaka is wearing the same frock she wore in the Season 3 episode The Wish. She's wearing her amulet and comes with a troll hammer and a little jar.

Buying Info
The box seems to indicate that it was released by AFX. Check them out at I found their shipping prices to be absolutely ridiculous though. I got my figure in stores for under $20 CAD.

 The Good

Amazing likeness. The detail on this one is fantastic. My favourite part is the dress. It's made of this soft plastic stuff so it actually has a little give to it. The paint texturing on the dress really is resemblant of the dress she wore in the The Wish.

I love the pose, it looks more menacing than the standard Anya pose.

The troll hammer is a nice touch, brings back memories of Olaf.

The Bad

Base could have been better. Other than that though, no problems here!