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General Info
Essentially a remake of the previous Bunny Anya, but this time there's no Gachnar figure to go with her.

Anya is wearing a cropped ruffly reddish top and blue jeans. She comes with a separate bunny suit which you can put on. Accessories include a checkered platform and a miniature bunny.

Buying Info
Cheaper than the rest of Series 6 apparently. I got this for $15.99 CAD in stores.

 The Good

A much better release than the previous Bunny Anya figure. Now you can remove her costume without a problem and she actually has an Anya body, instead of a Willow obody like the old Bunny Anya.

Cute additional accessory: the bunny rabbit.

It's such a gimmicky figure, but it really is cute.

The Bad

I almost ripped the suit while putting it on. Doesn't look as good as the original Bunny Anya (there's something weird about her stance.)